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      So I've been here for a long while know and a lot of you have helped me and made me feel a whole lot better so I feel like I know you even when I don't, but anyway, here are some things about me I'd like to share with all of you:
      Here are a few things about me so you can get to know me a little better:
      I went to a specialist music school where I played the violin and piano. I loved it.
      My degree is in Maths and Physics and I worked as a Medical Physicist and later a high school Maths teacher.
      I have a degree in Nutrition and am about to start a Masters in Clinical Audiology.
      I love to go to the gym and work so hard that it hurts. I love to swim and cycle also.
      I've been anorexic for 10 years but finally found my way out around 2 years ago.
      I'm married and my partners name is Tim, he's a lawyer and I've known him since highschool.
      I was born in Berlin, Germany, but my family moved to Australia when I was 6 yrs old.
      My favourite TV series are definitely Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.
      I have huge trouble getting enough sleep ever since I randomly started working at a sleep clinic and doing night shifts.
      I have 3 brothers and one sister and the age gap from the oldest to the youngest is 20 years.
      My favourite food is pizza
      Um, that's about it for now. Your turn!!
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      This is fun! Love getting to know my online "families" !!
      I'm a stay at home Mom to two kids, DS is 13 and DD is 11. (DS-Dear Son; DD-Dear Daughter)
      I met my husband in an online chat room on AOL ages ago.
      I was a gestational surrogate twice for a lovely couple from Australia (after they moved to the States).
      They now live in Dubai but I still get regular updates via Facebook!
      I've been a stay at home Mom for the past 12 years.
      I'm planning to re-enroll in college soon for accounting most likely.
      I'm currently being treated for anxiety, had a bit of a nervous breakdown last month. I enjoy a lovely case of health anxiety.
      I am currently working my way through Doctor Who, having just finished Torchwood. I love BBC shows.
      I've always fallen asleep within minutes of hitting the pillow until recently with my anxiety and new meds. Joy.
      My favorite mind numbing activity is putting puzzles together.
      I've never flown on an airplane and I'm likely never going to either! lol
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      Cool, thanks for sharing Neenie!! This is a great idea! I have only been on TT for a short time, but feel like I've gotten to know some people already, and have received some solid support and advice. So thankful I found TT!! So anyways, here's my story in a nutshell;

      I am married to my lovely wife Michelle and have 3 wonderful sons (15, 12 & 9).
      My oldest son has Autism (high functioning), he's a love!!
      I am an avid lifelong surfer.
      My boys and I are huge baseball fans.
      I am a rare coin dealer, with a shop in beautiful La Jolla, Ca.
      I have one brother who is also a coin dealer.
      I have absolutely zero musical talent/ability (although I really would love to play guitar!!!).
      I hate Tinnitus!!
      Favorite food is Mexican food!!
      Weirdly enough, I am a big NASCAR fan!
      I enjoy researching my Irish roots.
      I am very thankful for TT!!

      There ya go!! Next........

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