Just Passing By to Tell You Things Will Get Better

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by JohnnyMx, Jun 6, 2015.

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      I have been writing less in the forum, first because i have been so busy with my work projects, but also because last weeks i have been thinking less in my T.

      Did it changed? No. Did it decreased? No. Does it makes my life ruined? No. Did it made me think before my life is ruined. Yes.

      Here, in my country its 1:00 am, and have just taken to bed to my little boys. We had a great dinner and we went to a games zone. We had a great time.

      Tinnitus does not make me feel nothing. It is just there, i can hear it, but i can't feel it.

      All the people there, that can't sleep, or feel so depressed or anxious. I was right there. 2 years ago took me almost a year to get up. This time, from January 2015 just took me couple of months to be up and running again.

      Please!! believe in yourself. If you are now depressed or anxious, don't worry, just navigate that feelings, but never get out of your head that sooner or later you will be fine.

      Good night!
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      Really don't know
      Great post!!!! Can't wait to start feeling the way you do! Hugs from Florida USA! :huganimation::thankyousign:
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      Sustained loud noise through headphones
      A great post, and comforting to read :) I'm trying to overcome a spike myself from last weekend and even though I know I will eventually come out the other side it is very frustrating stuff indeed!

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