Ketamine Revisited... via Tramadol

Discussion in 'Support' started by Zimichael, May 14, 2014.

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      A while back some discussion of Ketamine came up in the AM-101 thread as apparently there's a Ketamine-like ingredient in the AM-101, though with speculation as to what exactly, or how it might act in that formulation.

      Then in December I posted this thread as had tried a nasal spray absorption of IV grade Ketamine c/o my doc. who came up with the idea. [Incidentally I have no idea why it would be a recreational drug as it just plastered me severely and had no noticeable mood enhancement except the hangover!].

      Well I am bringing it up again, as I saw my doc again last week and he was still keen to have me try it "properly". By that he meant getting "lights out" all the way. Full dose, IV, and getting knocked out for a few hours. To his way of thinking any potential "brain reset" would only happen if unconscious, none of this zombiefied drunkeness equivalent. I said I would think about it.

      Well, the idea of a "reset" is tempting, as what I did leave him with was a prescription for Tramadol as a potential anti-depressant (yeah, it's a synthetic opioid pain med, but can have significant off label results for people with resistant-to-treatment depression. Just Google it under 'Tramadol for Depression"...pretty stunning array of positive reports).
      Back to the Tramadol....I took 50 mg before bed and had a totally unexpected result. At 3:00 am I woke up and something was different. First up I realized my darn screeching tinnitus seemed lower in volume. Second up, I felt pretty 'normal' = not depressed or weighted down. However, that could have been because the short period of having lower volume tinnitus was so darn thrilling that it would lift an elephant single handed!!!
      Well, once I woke up properly I realized that the ringing was still the same volume but I indeed felt 'better', so of course the tinnitus was easier to handle too, and I went back to sleep with high hopes.

      Sorry to report, but the tinnitus was the same in the light of day and the "Tramadol mood effect" lasted about 24 hours then I seemed to adapt to it. Which is really common with me. Stuff works for a short while then it doesn't. I'm still fiddling with it though as it may help a bit. Need more time to evaluate it.

      So the Ketamine idea. Well, that small moment of having a half asleep but awake enough experience of slightly lower tinnitus was "addictive". My God it was amazing. I think if my volume dropped to about half of normal I would levitate, no problem. If it went away altogether I would probably die right then in shock and awe.

      Hence the: "I wonder if the Ketamine may do something to lower the T???!!!" thought is gaining traction. It's not cheap as would cost a couple of hundred dollars and there could be risks. So I'm revisiting the idea here first. So...


      If so, I would really like to hear from you!

      Thanks much. Zimichael
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      Ya, I'd like to know about this as well. I really wanted to take part in the trials but Canada has all these stupid regulations and they've only just begun trials here now. If anyone has info on this please let us know.
    3. Hmm this is funny. I was just reading at other t board how a lady couldn't get through her day without tramadol and other woman chimed in saying it also does something with serotonin. .have to reread it but I am calling my doc on Monday to give it a try...I have pain, I have depression and I'm very intrigued by this drug.

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