Kinda fine-ish and then anxiety comes and slaps me in the face

Discussion in 'Support' started by derpytia, Jul 28, 2014.

    1. derpytia

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      Hearing loss / ETD
      So I can fine for most of the day and even forget about T for a few hours if I'm busy but then I hear it and for a moment anxiety pools in my stomach and kinda freezes up my entire body and all I can feel is depression and dread until I can snap myself out of it forcefully by trying to find something else to pay attention to. Doesn't mean I address my problematic thoughts, I just push em to the back of my mind for later :(

      Then I could be paying attention to my T for a second and be okay-ish and then I'll think about how many years I have for it to get worse and in comes the anxiety again and I have to rescue myself from it and try not to take my Xanax. I only wanna take that stuff when I can't stop feeling anxious and its going to ruin my day or night. And all the anxiety just goes right into my stomach and I feel this horrible sense of dread and depression. It's not a panic attack or anything it's something almost darker than that and it's terrible and here I am four months into this thing. Does anyone else get this or has gotten this and what can I do to sort of make it stop. Been trying to get into CBT to curve my thought process but there's too much red tape, I've tried to talk to Doctor Hubbard a few months ago but he never responded and I don't think he can help everyone.
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    2. Sound Wave

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      This is normal habituation process and anxiety. Most lilely your T-free moments will keep getting longer and longer and anxiety moments shorter and shorter.
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    3. RicoS

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      Got that also .... one moment I feel great a second later I think about it to much and feel sad... but those sad moment will become less..
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    4. Marlene

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      Hi Derpytia what you describe could be me talking,so your not alone out there remember that every day,it will help you get through your worst days ,it a completely normal body reaction,lots of us get that anxiety in the pit of the stomach,it's finding what's best way you can to get it to settle,not the easiest of things to do,as we both well know .it is a thought process,we know this but the brain won't accept it,as with time it will start to ease,I call it up and down days as to the tinnitus behavior,if the tinnitus having a good day the anxiety is less,to the point I don't notice will happen to you to .you to will find the right meds that will help with a bad day,most do.i do all sorts to distract me away from the tinnitus.Get engrossed in something best way to go.Dont think about tomorrow ,next week,next month ,just be in the day now.this is what I do.Go walking it burns the adrenalin out of you,or bike riding has the same effect,more you do it the better.X
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    5. Laura89

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      Hey girl, I have vascular tinnitus and what u describe sounds like me as well. Its tough, but you are not alone I promise you. Don't ever feel alone in this.
    6. russiancarl

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      Sounds like me.

      I had one of these episodes today. Had my iTunes on shuffle and a song came on that reminded me of an event 7 months ago and how unhappy I felt then... and then I compared in my mind then vs. now and I realized that was the good part of my life and it'd never return. And cue panic attack...

      I forced myself to switch the song. Got up. And shook myself out of it in short order. First time I've done that successfully without breaking down. I think I might be on the road to habituation.

      I guess it may be a little easier for me as I've had a very minor form for 14 years up until 2 months ago where it's been wreaking havoc. Still not easy by any means but I guess I'm thankful for the small things. Like sleep. For some reason I'm used to sleeping with it and I think that makes my days easier.

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