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      As members of this forum may know we, @Team Trobalt, are tracking down information on pharmaceuticals involved in potassium channel modulator research. Knopp Biosciences is (probably) another pharmaceutical that most people are not aware of. However, tinnitus is actually mentioned (briefly) on their homepage:

      Their product pipeline shows the following drug candidates...


      ...and I have managed to track down that the "Kv7 platform" probably refers to the following compound(s):


      Knopp Biosciences has filed a patent application last year (see attachment) which, again, I believe is concerned with the drug candidate behind the mentioned "Kv7 platform" in the above overview. Interestingly, Trobalt/Retigabine is mentioned within the application.

      As with SciFluor, we will be attempting to contact a senior representative of the company to see if we can get a few more specifics.


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      They are yet to start animal model studies for tinnitus, So anything from them for tinnitus is at least 15 years away!:eek:
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      Well to be fair, it's not like anyone else is significantly more advanced in the field of tinnitus.
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      Interesting that they are pursuing dexpramipexole for treatment of ALS. Biogen Idec cancelled the project due to poor results in Phase III of their trials with this very same compound.

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