KU Gene Therapy Holds New Hope for Restoring Hearing

Discussion in 'Research News' started by RB2014, Dec 2, 2015.

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      This is a great article about the work that novartis is doing. One of the patients has reported back and there has been success in restoring some hearing. So far some have said that they are getting some hearing back but that the understanding is lacking. I'm hoping its just the brain needing more time to process the new sounds and the individual learning how to translate those sounds into speech that can be understood.

      I think this is a big step to getting where all of us need to go. Whether you have tinnitus and/or hearing loss this is a big accomplishment and we are one step closer today.
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      Buy that stock, quickly!
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      I don't like the timetable, not at all! After 10 years we can start talking about making new therapies for the public? What is this, 15-20 years?
      On the other hand, it is a big deal if there is hearing improvement! It is a GREAT breakthrough! We want more about this though, and from more people from the trials.

      A sidenote: We are talking about deaf people here, Tinnitus people do not exactly fall into that category, I hope they develope something for us earlier since we may only need a little boost in our hearing...
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      If one has been deaf, it would assume it would take time for the brain to re-learn how to understand what it's hearing. I've read that if one loses hearing completely, the brain will forget how to hear within a year on a average. This is why it's suggested to try a cochlear implant asap, after sudden, complete hearing loss.
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      I am trying to be a patient in this study..Just sent them my information
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      Who knows?
      That's the best news, really. The more parties trying, the sooner one will eventually strike gold!
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      Yes sir I spoke with a progarm assistant in a lab in Kansas that is doing one of the studies and this is exactly what he said.
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      Money is driving this

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