Kudzu Root and Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Alternative Treatments and Research' started by kenji, Jan 27, 2014.

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      Kudzu Root Extract (pueraria lobatam Japanese arrowroot)

      Does this stuff work for tinnitus?

      A relative to the pea family and native to China (known as gé gēn) and Japan, kudzo is a voracious invasive plant that is often sprayed with herbicide so source is important. It contains isoflavones puerarin and daidzein (an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial agent) and daidzin (structurally related to genistein). It has shown value in treating migraine and headaches. and is often used for allergies and diarrhoea. In Chinese nedicine it is considered one of the 50 fundamental herbs and is used to treat tinnitus, vertigo, alcoholism and hangover. The flowers are used to detoxify the liver. Kudzu may also be helpful in treating Alzheimer's and cardiovascular disease and diabetes. The roots, flowers and leaves of kudzu show antioxidant activity.

      Kudzu Root on Amazon
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      Is it worth trying? I see you can get it from iHerb, though it doesn't say for tinnitus. Can also be used to make mochi, I love mochi!:)
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      2 years
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      genetic hearing loss
      Interesting herb. Anyone tried it???
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      acoustic trauma
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      The guy at the natural supplement store here in town gave me a free bottle a couple of years ago. It didn't do anything for my tinnitus, but I only used that one bottle (30 days).
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      Rock music, noise- construction work, cervical spondylosis
      Hi tinnitus friends: I have been in agony with Lyme disease flareups, so ten days ago, I started doing vociferous research on herbal Lyme remedies. Everyone knows antibiotics doesnt help Lyme patients recover.

      I started with the formula used by world famous herbalist Stephen Buhner for Lyme, which includes Japanese Knotweed and Cats Claw, among other herbs, but it was not enough, so I added in Kudzu Root extract, both the oral capsules by Natures Way and the Kudzu Root tincture by Hawaii Pharm.

      I took both the Kudzu tablets 3 times daily and the Hawaii Pharm Kudzu tincture. The tincture is strong enough that it was used by researchers in a white paper study about preventing the HIV-1 virus from attaching to human cells, preventing replication. (Off topic, of course, but it may be beneficial prophylactically for preventing or reducing the impact of the new COVID-19 virus, so Google the article with search terms "Kudzu HIV-1" and check it out.)

      Back to my story: so, I have been taking essentially double doses of Kudzu, in capsule and tincture forms, along with other anti-Lyme herbs, and after a week, I noticed my tinnitus improving. At fist, I thought it was a fluke, but after several days, I can tell its definitely improving. Even better, so is my Lyme disease as the pain and inflammation are drastically reduced (as one might expect from nearly overdosing on herbal Lyme meds.)

      It may intrique many to know that kudzu, the vine that ate the South, is used in traditional Chinese medicine for treating Lyme, chronic pain, menopause, fever, diabetes, heart failure, high blood pressure, and many other diseases.

      Then, I stumbled onto this reference: "Kudzu improves blood glucose, insulin and cholesterol levels and blood pressures in rats. (Puerarin is one of 70 ingredients in Kudzu) Puerarin reverses hearing loss seen in aging rats. Puerarin will likely benefit human hearing loss."

      Well, I agree! There's some noticeable benefits and they may be dose related.

      I plan on continuing to take kudzu going forward, and will report back about long term benefits. If you opt to take kudzu yourself, please do your own due diligence, and make sure it doesn't conflict with existing meds you take. Birth control pills are one example.
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    7. Cher2

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      Do you feel like it is still helping you?
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      frantically rifling through supplements cabinet to see if I still have Kudzu root
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      What was the cause of your tinnitus onset?

      Are you still taking Kudzu root?
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      I’d be curious to know too. Hope Joe still checks here from time to time.

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