Last Visit to ENT Was 20 Years Ago

Discussion in 'Support' started by John G, Dec 10, 2015.

    1. John G

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      Hi everbody,

      I have had T for about 20 yrs and the last time I saw an ENT was around 20 yrs ago .

      Anyways, I have an appointment to see an ENT for my ear problem next week.Has anything really changed in regards to what ent docs know now,compared to what they knew back then (20 yrs ago)?. Any advice as to what I should mention to the doc,or just go with the flow ?.

      Many years ago I went to an audiologist and he said I have ETD. Nothing was done to help the problem. Should I go see an audiologist before I go to my ENT appointment?.

      Thanks for any advice
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      Hi John G,
      I hope now their is a much better manner towards tinnitus sufferers and more support than years ago and hope a positive visit to ENT for you.
      Keep us posted how you go on...lots of love glynis
    3. AUTHOR
      John G

      John G Member

      Thanks Glynis. I will post what I find out from the ENT. Appointment is next Wednesday
    4. AUTHOR
      John G

      John G Member

      Just seen Ent. Buddy was not much help. He says Tinnitus is very common,gets patients all the time with T. Said there is no cure. Answering his cell phone twice while I was explaining my symptoms. No eye contact,not listening at all.

      He prescribed me Omnaris nasal spray. Follow up in a month
    5. Andersson

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      Most don't care. Ents are surgeons foremost. So if you have no physical problem they can fix well then out of luck.

      My ent have T herself. She helped me when I got T and checked everything because she saw how scared I was. Then she talked to me a lot about T. And sent me to tinnitus rehab Center.

      I got a spike now and she checked my ears,nose with camera and sent me to audiologist because she know I get scared that something is wrong. But all OK.

      My physical therapist also have T. And it's been a bless. She helped me with neck tensions etc and that lowered my T when I got it 2012. And I am back to her now with my spike to help with my neck and lower back. Was good to talk to her again. She remembered everything since then which just made me so happy.

      I trust the doctors etc that have T then self much more. It's easier to build a connection as well.
    6. AUTHOR
      John G

      John G Member

      @Andersson : Ya that's good you found a good ENT. Buddy also put a camera up my nose. That was the most uncomfortable feeling. I never want that done again

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