Lawn Mower 125 Feet Away While Wearing Earplugs, No Harm to Hearing/Tinnitus, Right?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Gerbit, Jul 29, 2020.

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      Hey everyone! I've got a stupid question for you - if there was a lawn mower going like 125 feet away, and I was wearing earplugs, I’d be fine to be in that area for a few minutes right?

      Just curious! :)
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    2. Kriszti

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      I think you will be fine. I was really close to 2 gas powered lawn mowers for longer time than you, was wearing earplugs and it just gave me a slight spike, but even the vacuum cleaner with double protection spikes me for some hours.
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      probably pepto bismo and aspercreme
      Hi, I personally have scares like this all the time. After 3 years of tinnitus, my feeling would be that if you really were 125 away, and wearing ear plugs, I don’t see how that cause problems.

      I would instinctively get completely away from a noisy lawnmower.

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