Lightheaded / Feeling Unstable, Followed by Tinnitus

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      Stress / Emotional Trauma
      I've been reading through the forums but haven't come across anyone with exact symptoms as mine. I haven't found a connection yet, if these two problems are related, but I suspect they are. If anyone has any insight on the relationship between these two issues, I'm all ears (bad pun). I'll try to summarize as best as I can.

      I had a sudden onset of this feeling like being lightheaded/unstable back in DEC 2020. It happened during an intense workout video I was doing, to which you might suspect it was a blood pressure thing or heart issue, but I was able to rule all of those out through subsequent testing. It lasted for more than a week. I'll try to describe the feeling: its like if you were just standing up you can just do so without thinking about it, but during an episode I had to use all of my focus and attention and energy to keep me standing up otherwise I felt like I could fall over. It's not dizziness. It would happen randomly throughout the day and usually only last a few seconds, but strong enough to where I'd have to brace myself on something so I wouldn't fall over. It slowly got less intense and less frequent to the point where I could function normally again, but never really went away.

      -First attack right ear: APR 12 2021 lasted 1/2 day, was gone next morning
      -2nd attack: right ear: APR 18 2021 was present the rest of the day, never went away
      Along with the tinnitus I had severe hearing loss and that same feeling of being unstable again.

      MID-END 2020 - Found out my wife betrayed me, started divorce process
      DEC 17 2020 - Unstable feeling started
      Dec 22 2020 - Stopped medications (Nortriptyline 50mg, Vilazodone Hcl 30mg)
      MAR 2021 - Started Wim Hof breathing, only did it for a couple weeks, no issues
      APR 7 2021 - 1st Moderna COVID-19 shot
      APR 10 2021 - Hard fall on my rear ice skating (didn't hit my head, but it was a hard fall)
      APR 12 2021 - Tinnitus triggered by really intense orgasm
      APR 18 2021 - Emotionally very difficult day, tinnitus triggered after family visit

      -History of anxiety/depression/insomnia, otherwise healthy adult male, age 39.

      -Cardiologist, EKG, Echocardiogram. Ended up getting diagnosed with athlete's heart which aligned with my intense training anyway
      -Blood work: no findings
      -Audiologist: severe hearing loss, potential nerve damage
      -ENT: Prednisone 60 mg 2 weeks, no improvement in functional hearing (the ability to recognize words), but there was a slight improvement in the decibel
      -ENT: MRI, no findings
      -ENT: vEMP test (balance), both ears are normal

      I found the TED Talk by Dr. Rauschecker through the Tinnitus Talk Podcast and that was GAME CHANGING! Where my ENT had no explanation of the cause of tinnitus, I feel Dr. Rauschecker hit the nail on the head.

      I'm still new to this and haven't even started looking at possible treatments listed in the forums yet. Thanks everyone!
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      August 2020
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      Noise Induced, Prednisone (drones), Barotrauma (distortions)
      If it happened during a workout and only one ear, some kind of inner ear trauma or a fistula should be considered... especially given the dizziness, tinnitus and sudden hearing loss. Seems too perfect.

      I don't know why ENTs don't bring it up. I guess they figure there's no "minor" fistulas, and the only legit ones are where you're unable to walk or speak for days with total deafness in one ear only.
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      Welcome to the forum. If your severe hearing loss is sudden, or if you have Meniere's, then those symptoms of losing balance and tinnitus plus hearing loss are common symptoms. I suffered SSHL recently and I have those symptoms. You may need to see an ENT to rule out inner ear issues. Take care. God bless.
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      Wim Hof Breathing Exercises
      There are like 5 things you listed that could’ve contributed or caused your issue. Just so you know there is a full thread of people, myself included, who got tinnitus and other problems from Wim Hof. It seems like there are multiple cofactors for you and no single precursor stands out.
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