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      construction - "chop saw"
      I have had tinnitus since the 90's as a result of construction-related sounds. I believe the main cause is from "acoustic damage" associated with using a chop saw and radial arm saw (sometimes for hours) to cut aluminum with minimal or insufficient ear protection. It became more pronounced and bad enough to motivate me to go to an ENT a couple months ago.

      My hearing loss is in the 15000Hz range and as near as I can self-diagnose using an online app called "Audio Notch" (intended for treatment) my tinnitus is somewhere around the 18050 - 18090 Hz range (Pure Tone).

      The app is available, here:

      As an introduction and because i have not seen it referenced in any of the forums I have been checking out over the last week: I'm passing along the link to the International Tinnitus Journal, which seems to allow not only reading full articles but also downloading them as pdf's!


      I was impressed with the journal's contents as soon as I saw it and grabbed this download immediately:
      Association of Chronic Subjective Tinnitus with Neuro-Cognitive Performance

      Download link:

      NOTE: I am not particularly responsive as i don't actually spend time online other than research - so don't think me rude if I don't respond right away
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