Lisinopril Gave Me Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Support' started by Joe13, Feb 1, 2015.

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      Been off this poison for approximately two weeks after taking it for a month and a half. The last day I was on this drug I was experiencing intermittent high pitched whistles along with a lower pitch constant hissing. The high pitched tones haven't come back but the constant hissing is still there more than ever. I'm also experiencing bouts of light headedeness and hot flashes since stopping. Hopefully the hissing subsides eventually but I don't have much hope after reading these forums. Please educate people you know about the serious side effects of this drug if they are taking it. Doctors pass it out like candy with little thought about the serious complications inflicted on patients' emotional well being.
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      mid seventies
      I went through ace inhibitors, beta blockers, then settled on a calcium channel blocker because it didn't make me feel breathless. They all gave me a hot face, tinnitus, the shakes, and some nervousness. I told the doctor and he said it's better than dying from a heart attack.

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