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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by deb e, Jun 17, 2016.

    1. deb e

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      April 2008
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      due to antibiotic Rulide, taken for pneumonia
      Hello...I just found this forum today and would be happy to share info/help if possible...listening, someone who 'hears' you can be a comfort...I've had that support & hope I can give same. I was given the Antibiotic Rulide (for pneumonia) in 2008...a 1 pill for only 4 day treatment, well, after 2 doses I was flat on my back with severe syncopy & tinnitus for 3 weeks. The syncopy cleared (get bouts of it, mild, a few times a year) but the Tinnitus is permanent. It is difficult to adjust!! It took me about a year to do so, and accept that it was just something I had to live with..(MD told me it was permanent). Mine sounds like cicadas (...ever stood under a tree full of them?) ... during the day I rarely notice it, it is 'there' but daily activies/sounds, etc mask it. At night, after watching tv for a couple I sit lower & lower in bed it quickly increases to a very loud chorus...and one I have learned to be ok with. One thing that really helped was the realization (& verification via testing) that no matter how loud it was it didn't affect my hearing! Which doesn't seem to make sense yet is true. My cicadas are mostly in stereo but occassionally go to mono, left ear then zoom to right and back. I actually find that bit fascinating :). I am grateful mine isn't debilitating and have great sympathy to those who find it so!
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      not sure
      Welcome and nice to hear a positive tone from a new member. Many members find it tough to take on high pitch cicadas type of ringing. You obviously have a lot to offer from your experience to help others who are struggling. Perhaps, if you feel like it, you can write a more detail success story to explain your approach or insights so future new sufferers of cicadas type of T ringing can find comfort in your story. God bless.

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