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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Debby, Apr 7, 2016.

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      Loud music , not sure
      Hey guys!
      I'm Debby. By the way, I'm not very good in english but i'll try my best to make clear what I want to tell you.
      So, I have tinnitus since 5 months already. The first time that i heard it is when i woke up to college. I thought that it was just temporary but after 3days i've always heard something ringing in my hear. Then i was scared and i went to the Dr.
      The first week was tough as hell, and one top of this, i had sort of crisis: when it's ringing loud than usual, i had vertigo and nauséa. Therefore the only thing that i could do is laying on my bed and trying to look and fix something, because i can not even close my eyes, it make it worse. So I don't eat anything and pass my time on my bed. The worst crisis took 1 day. I took a medicine which is supposed to stop vertigo during 1 months and now i have less crisis and it's taking shorter.

      But i'm tired. It's changed my life. I'm depressing, I can do nothing, and it's very hard to concentrate. But I know that I have to deal with. I don't enven remember anymore the last time that i didn't hear it.
      Something changes in my life.

      So, guys that's my case!
      Thank you

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      Meniere's Disease
      Welcome to Tinnitus Talk Debby.
      It sounds like you may have had a virus infection like Labyrinthitus that causes virtigo and sickness and tinnitus and similar to Menieres.

      Betahistine can help or Buccastem or Proclorperazine tablets.

      If the symptoms keep happening you need see your doctor and ENT specialist and audiology to get your ears checked properly and maybe a routine MRI .
      When the virus has gone your ears should settle back down for you and fingers crossed your tinnitus also.

      Keep posting for support as you need it on the main forums....lots of love glynis

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