Long Time (30 Years) with Tinnitus, Probably from Listening to Loud Music When I Was Young

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Anne Nash, Jun 17, 2020.

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      Don't know, probably listening to loud music, when younger
      Hello my name is Anne,

      I've had tinnitus for about 30 years, started when I was about 30, and didn't bother me at all, only little sounds in each ear, could sleep with it, never spoke about it, couldn't hear it out loud, but 10 years ago it changed over night to horrible noise it is now, loud intrusive, can't sleep, have lot of anxiety, and depression, hate my days when it's very loud, try everything I know possible to try and bring it down, doesn't always work, unfortunately.

      I have some very good days, can't hear it at all, how that happens I'll never know, but I'm glad of them,

      I just wish there was a cure, it's so debilitating, but hey ho, I do my best to live with it, try not to stress, as that definitely makes it worse, it's just such an intrusion into my life, I've been given hearing aids, NHS, so they have helped some days, my brain has to get used to them I suppose, I hate bed time, sleep is not enjoyable any more.

      But life has to go on, and I'm trying my best to get on with my life, especially when things happen that makes me depressed, or anxious other than the tinnitus.

      Many thanks,
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    2. LindaS

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      sensorineural hearing loss
      Hi Anne

      Welcome to the forum. I too wear hearing aids. What kind do you have?
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      not sure
      Welcome to the forum. Do you know the possible reason your tinnitus has spiked up to the new level and stay there? Have you kept a record of the type of diet you ate before the good days? Sometimes people develop allergy to certain foods, such as gluten or caffeine, MSG, etc. Nothing hurts to try keep a log of the foods you eat and compare what you eat right before or during the good days. If a pattern exists, then diet change can help. Of course there are many other possible reasons for the spike. Good luck. Take care. God bless.
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