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      Meniers and swimming (I think!!)
      My name is Mike I am living in Sweden and have been a long time sufferer of tinnitus, I guess it all started when I was about 25 years old and had a vertigo attack while driving home from work one day.. In the middle of the day stumbling out of my car hardly able to walk and then being sick on the side of the road.. Of course at this young age and a fairly fit sporty person I thought nothing of this. I had only a few attacks over the years after this until I was about 33/34 years old were work pressure got extreme and the attacks happened more frequently. I was at this stage diagnosed with meniers disease and told that there was not much that could be done, only try and cut out stress (not an easy task) and work on my health. So over the years I have been managing by trying to stay fit and not get stressed at work, not always to great effect. Due to meniers I have slowly experienced a huge deterioration of my hearing and even started wearing a hearing aid. This also didnt seem to help much as the tinnitus was what impacted my hearing the most so wearing hearing aids only increased the buzzing sounds in my ears more and made it even worse in noisy situations (due to sound deterioration). Last year (2014) I was pretty successful in coping with my T and probably due to less stress at work and a hard training schedule (I did an Ironman last year) I was relatively free from T and my hearing improved. This year I have not been so lucky and due to a snowboarding accident in Jan this year I had have surgery on my shoulder, so a combination of not being able to sleep (due to pain in my shoulder) with not being able to train due to my injury has led to me having to take time off work and now to the point that I cannot hear due to the ringing in my ears. I wanted to join this forum to get advise and share any knowledge I have gained over the years.
      Many Thanks, Mike
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      Exercise does relive anxiety and stress.

      Sorry to hear you have menieres. It's awful...

      I don't know what to say but I wish you good luck mate.
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      Sensorineural hearing loss right ear.

      Brother, I'm sorry you have to struggle with Meniere's disease. My Sister has a similar, but rare disease, I believe it's called, Mal Data Barkman disease. She has vertigo and T. She has had it for 30 years now and actually lives a good life. She has been a FedEx courier for 20 years. She has her bad days though and pushes through somehow? The only good thing is, she has her hearing and her T is relatively mild.

      You have come to the right place and will benefit from the extensive knowledge base and the support of fellow members, in a not so desirable club!

      God bless,

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      @ Michael A
      Welcome, thanks for joining the forum and sharing your story.
      I like the part were you mentioned your T was low and your hearing improved.

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