Long-Time Tinnitus from Working with Heavy Tools in Automotive and Diesel Industry

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      Hi everyone, my name is Chris. I’m 42 and have suffered from tinnitus in both ears for some time. I damaged my hearing from working with heavy tools in the automotive and diesel industries. My tinnitus in my right ear has been an issue since I was in my early 20’s. It is what I would describe as mild and I would only notice it in a quiet environment.

      My left ear happened more recently toward the end of last year and seemed to come on suddenly.

      When it happened I had fullness in my ear that felt like an ear infection. I also had popping in my ear so I thought that was the issue. Went to the doctor but there was no sign of infection so he thought I had eustachian tube dysfunction and prescribed an oral steroid.

      Eventually the full feeling subsided, but the ringing has remained constant and loud.

      Some days are worst then others and cause me extreme anxiety. Other days I either tune it out or it doesn’t seem as bad.

      I do stress though about potential underlying issues. I have also had neck adjustments though my chiropractor that have not changed my tinnitus. I’m generally healthy and don’t have any serious conditions.

      I guess I wonder if anyone on here can relate to my sudden onset tinnitus and if there’s any advice you could give.

      Thanks, Chris.
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      From what I've read on here, it's quite common for tinnitus to eventually spread to both ears.

      I don't have much advice apart from the basics: no headphones, use earplugs when necessary, stay away from loud bars and clubs. I see you haven't been on here for a few months, so I hope things have improved since you posted!

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