Loud Tinnitus. Really Struggling.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Peer, Sep 3, 2015.

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      I'm Pete, my tinnitus started about 5months ago, after a stressful moment at work, iv had anxiety /stress problems over the last few years, but previously my worst symptoms was a headache.

      The tinnitus is on the left side of my head and is mainly a loud static noise or like crickets. Occasionally a flat tone will pass over me.

      Iv taken each day as best as I can, but what a struggle. Had my MRI and now waiting for the follow up session with the ENT in October..

      Hopefully they can at least get it quieter for me...

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      not sure
      Welcome Pete.
      You say it is struggle daily. Are you masking your T? Usually masking can help calm the nerve and reduce the stress level which will be good for lowering T loudness.

      Don't know if ENT or doctor can quiet your T. They usually say live with it. But if the ENT can find something which causes your T such as infection, then they can help by eliminating the problem. Doctors can generally prescribe benzos, ADs, sleep meds etc., which may help calm the nerve and therefore reduce the T loudness.

      Other ways to help yourself is to take some supplements, such as NAC, Magnesium, Zinc, B12, D3, etc., and reduce intake of salt, sugar, MSG, caffeine, alcohol etc. You may also want to help yourself to get more sleep. Sleep deprivation is one sure way to fire up T. Get some bed time masking such as a sound machine or a sound pillow etc., so you can fall asleep better. Also consider some natural stuffs to help sleep, such as Camomile tea, Hops, Valerian tablets, Melatonin etc. Check out this site on using natural herbs for sleep problem. Hope you get better. Take care & God bless.

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      Thanks for the feedback and the hug, made me smile.

      I'm doing my best to mask the noise, but I hear mine no matter how loud the background noise is.

      My only saviour is that it doesn't generally affect my sleep, probably because I'm exhausted after getting through the day with the T.

      Its starting to make me feel pretty down,luckily my wife is here to support me.

      I rate my T severity every day, it's been a high 8 out of 10 recently, but sometimes I go days where it's a 2, which is like a holiday for me!

      I would like to meet other people with it... Does anyone here meet up / go to support groups? I work in London, live in Surrey
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      Hi Peter

      Sorry to hear how your tinnitus is getting you down. I've lived with mine for six decades and sometimes it gets extremely intrusive, quite frequently in fact, but I simply refuse to let it get to me.

      I work on the basis that when the ringing is very loud, maybe it's because my body is trying to tell me something? It feels like when the noise is at its worst it's screaming at me to ease off, to give myself a break.

      So I say to myself, to hell with the world, all that matters right now is I reward myself with a bit of relaxation in order to get the other side of this pesky noise. Whatever I was doing will just have to wait. Not always possible of course, but usually I'll get the chance to take a break sooner or later.

      Not saying it clears completely, that never happens, but I generally find this eventually does the trick sufficiently enough to enable me carry on as before.

      So stay positive! Look upon your tinnitus as a helpful tool, something giving you a tap on the shoulder and telling you, hey, you know what, you really do need to reward yourself with a nice, self-indulgent break!
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      2013 GMC Sierra pickup truck
      Excellent advice. Couldn't Agree More.
      So glad i found this Website,

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