Low Frequency Tinnitus ("Car Idling Outside") Driving Me Loopy — Caused Likely by COVID-19

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      Possibly COVID-19
      Hello everyone,

      I hope you’re all ok today. I was just hoping for some advice but more importantly some understanding. I’ve tried to explain my problem to friends and family but they just don’t get it. I mean, that’s a good thing, I wouldn’t want them to have to experience this.

      Basically I think I’ve had low frequency tinnitus in my left ear since I got COVID-19 in May. I say I think because in May our upstairs neighbour had a problem with their fridge-freezer that caused vibrations through our flat. The fridge noise was a low hum punctuated by much louder humming intermittently. The fridge was replaced after about 4 months and a noise vibration mat was put under the new one. The louder hum stopped completely but the low one was still there. It didn’t bother my husband at all but after a few weeks I said what a shame it was that the noise hadn’t completely gone away, and he said “what noise”? It was only then that I realised that I could hear the noise at the same volume no matter where I was in the flat and it always sounded like it was coming from the left side. I know that might sound ridiculous but it doesn’t sound at all like it’s coming from in my head. It sounds constantly like there is a car idling outside. Even now I’m still half convinced that it must be a “real” sound coming from somewhere and if I find the source then my problems are over.

      Some days the tinnitus is so bad it’s like my whole ear is fluttering and whooshing.

      I recently went on holiday and had no problems. There was a buzz in the room though so I thought that maybe it masked it. But! When I got home there was also nothing. After about 10 days however, it came back. Has anyone had relief from this after flying?

      Now I’ve got a cold and it’s incredibly loud. I should have mentioned that I also have some high frequency tinnitus in my left ear but honestly that’s a walk in the park in comparison to the low frequency one.

      Getting to sleep is my main issue right now. I’ve been getting some relief with listening to brown sound. Has anyone got any tips? Ideally I’d like not have to take any meds but will reconsider. I’m waiting for an appointment with an audiologist and an ENT but I’ve been waiting for a long time on the NHS already. (Love you, NHS).

      Has anyone had any luck with seeing an audiologist? I might just pay and and have it seen to.

      Although I’m 99% sure that the issue was caused by COVID-19, is there a chance that it could be psychological? In that 4 months waiting for the fridge to be replaced the sound drove me crazy and I was always listening out for it. Could I have tricked my brain into hearing it or something?

      I get really bad sinus headaches. Maybe one every 10 days or so. I also get a really bad pain under my ear and behind my jaw. Anyone else get this or am I just falling apart here? Anyone have tinnitus caused by sinus issues?

      Sorry that this is so incredibly long. Like I say, it’s just been baffling and this is 10 months worth of thoughts that I’ve barfed onto the paper. Family and friends just tell me that I have to ignore it, not so easy when it feels like a car lives inside your ear canal.

      Thanks everyone, nice to meet you.
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      not sure
      Welcome to the forum. Sorry that you are hurting with tinnitus. You are not alone here as many of us have been where you are.

      Struggling to sleep is a common issue for many new to tinnitus as the body isn't used to this alien sound yet. Habituation will slowly kick in or the intensity of tinnitus may fade over time. Yes, I used masking sounds a lot during my initial days. It has helped a lot with my sleep. I used sounds of heavy rain, waterfall, rapids, shower, even squeaky faucet for my ultra high-pitched tinnitus on the right ear and for my left deaf ear I used airplane noise for the humming. I also took sleeping pills to help me sleep initially. You may consider Melatonin as it is a more natural alternative than prescribed sleep pills. Give it time for the body to get more used to the ringing. Try mindfulness meditation to help you face the sound better. YouTube should have tutorials on mindfulness techniques. It can build tolerance to the ringing.

      So given time, hopefully you can sleep better. Good luck. Take good care. God bless.
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