Low-Pitched Ringing in the Right Ear and High-Pitched Ringing in My Head

Discussion in 'Support' started by nosiukas, May 17, 2015.

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      My tinnitus started 2015-03-01. Its been constant since then. My main symptoms:
      • Headaches.
      • High-pitched continues ringing in the head.
      • Low-pitched ringing in the right ear. (sometimes in the morning; otherwise I can provoke it by pressing ear canal)
      • Dizziness and weakness.
      I have been looked at by numerous doctors that have found:
      • No hearing loss.
      • TMJD, but... I was told that my ringing cannot be caused by it.
      • Various join inflammations.
      • Prostatitis.
      • Depression and anxiety attacks.
      • MRI is good.
      • I do not have anaemia.
      • I do not have Meniere's disease. (I am still to have VNG, though I do not have other symptoms such as hearing loss or vertigo)
      I have been prescribed antidepressants (Effexor) to alleviate perception of tinnitus. Otherwise, I am taking acetyl-l-carnitine, B complex, C, D, magnesium, calcium.

      To some extent, I got used to tinnitus. My main problem is dizziness and weakness, which as far as I understand, is the direct result of tinnitus itself. I would appreciate suggestions for further research (or what doctors to see).
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      I don't think dizziness and weakness are usually a result of tinnitus.

      It seems you have had thorough testing. Sometimes the cause will remain unknown and no good treatment is found.

      I would focus my efforts on trying to find what causes the dizziness, weakness and headaches. Maybe they are treatable... but maybe not.
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      I have gone to an otoneurologist today who inspected me for Meniere's disease. She confirmed that I do not have it, nor any other visible reason for me to have tinnitus. However, I have been referred to have a massage therapy by another neurologist. I had my first massage today, during which an odd thing happened. As the masseur was working my back he touched something that made my tinnitus very loud for a few minutes... is that even possible?

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