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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Bri81270, Jan 3, 2016.

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      I thought this might be a good first step in trying to figure out what this low tone in my right ear is when there is no noise around me. It started about year ago then it stopped now it feels like its here to stay. Sounds like a low frequency hum. If I introduce noise or shake my head it stops. Have not been to the doctor yet but this may bey next step. Driving me crazy.
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      Welcome to TT. Seeing a doctor is the first step. Just to rule out any medical cause of T. Then your best bet is to get some masking going for you low hum T. Usually people are more scared of the high pitched type, like the ultra high pitch dog whistle I have. But obviously, reaction to T is a personal thing. If you have a low hum T, at least you are 1/2 better than David Letterman. He has a high and a low and it was with him 7/24. He somehow learns to make peace with his two-tone T. Here is the video of him talking about his T with William Shatner (Star Trek) in 1996.

      David Letterman with William Shatner - March,...

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