Mad Mad Upset to Say the Least

Discussion in 'Support' started by Angela Fleming, Jan 20, 2015.

    1. Angela Fleming

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      Orlando Fl
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      two months
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      I Dont Know
      This is new for me ringing in my left ear, been to an ent dr their saying there isn't anything they can do about it help help I am so overwhelmed.. I am trusting God.
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    2. uncle vikin

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      nashville tennessee
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      Subjective tinnitus r ear cause ( unknown)
      Angela,I think we all have gone to an ent with tinnitus and we all get the same result ,but it does usually get better I am 4 1/2 months with this hissing ring whatever it is . It makes you mad as H.Relax I know its hard but if you need any advice you can find it on this site. We all have T. Some people on here have had it a long time and it does not bother them anymore it's called habituation to the sound.Mine is getting alittle better .I can sleep better now.I'm not as stressed as I once was.Yes Pray I believe this with all my heart Pray.Keep your family close and explain your feelings to them and let them be your support.Yours is new ,mine is too, it may go away . You have support on here too
      You can find alot of info on here there are some good people as members ,doctors and staff. uncle vikin
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    3. conbsgc

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      your brain is designed in a way that is adapts to the noise, eventually the noise will sort of vanish in the background, sort of how you don't pay attention to the sound of traffic even though u hear it daily!

      the beginning is always the worst, you will get better
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