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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Andrusca77, Jun 2, 2015.

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      Slap :(
      Hello fellow sufferers.
      It's been two years since it started. And the way it did makes me hate it even more. When i was 17 ( will be 20 in july ) a man slapped me, my ear actually. My ear drum was broken, and i had to go through a surgical procedure to apply a patch,oh,whatever..
      ever since, the loud high ringing, it never stops. The first few weeks I still had hope that it will go away,but it doesn't. I am tired of crying myself to sleep every night or morning, can't really fall asleep unless I am extremly tired, usually at about 5 6 in the morning, i can't learn anymore, I can't focus, I lost my patience and slowly I feel like losing both my memory-and my mind. As I live in Romania there is not much I can do about it, I tried diffrent kind of medicine and vitamins,nothing works. One of the doctors that checked my ear made me go through the most terrible pain I ever felt, and ever since I feel anxious and scared about this whole stuff in my ear idea. I wish they could just put me to sleep and check it after that.
      The worst part is that my mother,she is a medic, acts like the sound doesn't exist. I Don't know anyone else experiencing this, feels like no one can understand the struggle and how difficult it is to live with T. So young and still it makes me feel so old and tired. I can hear it louder than the volume of the tv or the laptop when i'm watching a movie. I really don't know what to do anymore
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      Unknown/loud music
      Hello and welcome to the board! I think it is very important that, at least your mother, should care about you truggling with tinnitus. I don't think she is rude, but I think it's because she doesn't understand the condition and its consequences. Very few people understand that. Have a long talk with her and if it doesn't help then we're always here for you :)
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      acoustic trauma
      I know it is hard, but the best thing is to try to keep doing things you enjoy ... for now nothing is available to us to help us ... it`s a sadening fact ... so best is not to worry or cry yourself to sleep over it anymore. Be strong ... say to yourself - it`s a shitty situation, but it is as it is and I will not make it more shitty by my emotions. - I know it is hard to study and everything ... Don`t beat yourself up over it... try to imagin what you really want to do in life and just go for it ... don`t live anyone else plans or hopes. Stay strong sweetheart ... and tell your mom to google tinnitus at least once in her life.
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    4. snow86

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      2006 - Extreme T since 12/2013
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      see "information" on profile page. Crippled by extreme T
      Theres a high probability that you will get a depression or maybe you already are depressed from what I read.
      In that case an antidepressant can help you sleep(important) and cope with the situation until something comes along (like autifony). Crying all the time and having no drive to do the things you want or like is bad, the Tinnitus feeds on that.

      But beware, there are some drugs that can make the T worse...From my experience with depression and extreme Tinnitus and some others who have T, mirtazapine works pretty good, without worsening the T.(no guarantees though)

      Should you see a psychiatrist and he gives you some random medication, look it up on the internet or ask here.

      If you have that option, maybe you should see another ENT or specialist (maybe some ear doctor in a big city, who has the proper equipment) who can make sure that your wound healed properly and theres nothing that needs further surgery.

      I hope Karma gets that guy who slapped you
    5. billie48

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      not sure
      Welcome @Andrusca77. Sorry about your suffering, but hopefully TT is a place you will be able to rant and ask questions. T is a lonely struggle even for people who live in industrialized countries. If our ENTs and MDs can't even help nor even understand us, how do we expect an average joe understand the problem? Perhaps you can show this video clip of Zoe Cartwright to your mom. Zoe is completely deaf by 15 and so her T is totally unmaskable. She hears no other sounds except her dominant loud T. Amazingly, she manages to accept her 'mountain' in life and move on to pursue her goals despite tough T. She even made it to university and directed a short tinnitus film. This film is titled, meaning her T has been 7/24, 52 weeks a year for 10 years at the time of making the film. On page 14 & 15 of the Positivity Thread, I have more details about her and her film. Here is the link for the film:

      You may think her life is miserable as the film seems to convey that impression. Not so. She says she loves her life and genuinely happy about it. She considers T just a slice of her life. Read page 15 of the Positivity thread for more detail.

      Young folks like you can still have a good life after T. Some just get better and move ahead with their lives. Here are some success stories from young people, proving that T doesn't have to ruin young lives. So I hope you won't give up on life. Stay positive. There are things to learn to help yourself (read the success stories to get some insights) and there are new things from the medical world which may help (such as Autifony, AM101, Trobalt, Keppra etc). Take care & God bless.

      success story of 17 years old Zach:

      success story of Jari with T since 12 years old:

      College age AnneG success story:

      Lena to hell & back story:\
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    6. Sailboardman

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      Sensorineural hearing loss right ear.
      In the case of the man who slapped you: "what goes around, comes around." He'll get his one day!

      The good thing is, being so young, you will see a cure soon enough and live a happy and full life. Don't despair!

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    7. Gosia

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      earplugs/ hearing loss
      Hey sister. For sleeping try at least some melatonine..some even say it reduced T. You have to sleep to go on living...without it I perfectly understand one can just lose his mind. Even with good rest T sucks, let alone without it. When it comes to your mother, just TELL her as many times as necessary what you feel. if she's aphysician, she's not stupid and must have some kind of sensitivity right? I have a similar problem with my partner, but my mum feels for me a lot. I don't know what I would do without any're very brave. Keep reading the forum, try different advice. I would say if you need to cry, cry. In my case it helps . We need to'let the negative emotions out. What medicine have you tried? Just don't go into benzos or ad cause it's a dead end.
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    8. Vincent R

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      Acoustic trauma
    9. Josef Mills

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      I have my iPhone under my pillow with nature sounds on it, like running water waves etc. I'm sorry you have it at such a young age. I take a tranquillisers to help me sleep. It's a helluva place to be. My wife refuses to understand it as well.
    10. Xorthian

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      Initial 2012. Massive spike 4/2015
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      Noisey Lifestyle. Increase from infection.
      For sleep I'm sometimes popping Valeriana 2x170mg. It's natural sedative.

      I was advised to not take them longer than 3-4 weeks because of some possible adverse effect comparable to benzo withdrawal.

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