Manually Changing Tinnitus By Tapping Ear

Discussion in 'Support' started by Revolrex33, Nov 28, 2014.

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      Have yet to see audiologist - but a few questions:
      have very hard time breathing through my left nostril. Very little air flow. Possibly soccer injury / being dropped on my head in a stunt. When I talk to people they say I sound "mufffled" and believe this is because of the sinus issue.
      see /reserach in HBO treatment says that cochlear is fueled by oxygen only and not vascular.

      Anyhow - when I put my middle finger into my left ear then use my pointer finger to tap around the outside of my ear and neck area right behind jaw I can hear a piercing "ting" "ting" that fluctuates the sound of T.
      No response or change when doing the same to my right ear.

      Hear people talking about central T. The invisible sound but if I can manually change the sound in one ear wouldn't that suggest it is some issue with THAT ear and possible to be cured?

      Wondering if anyone else has tried this - or done it while holding their head under water in a hot bath.
    2. Mark McDill

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      Likely stress, anxiety, an antibiotic and nsaids

      Most T sufferers can do similar things; it is very common. For instance, I can press on my right jaw bone or turn my head to the left and effect a very strong ringing sound. I believe it has to do with eustachian tube manipulation wherein a stressing or staining of the eustachian tube(s) results in a ringing in the ears. I'm pretty sure it's because the e-tube can, in turn, stress/strain the tympanic membrane.
      I notice you talk about a sinus issue (from injury); the sinus cavity and e-tube(s) are close cousins -- might be worth looking into the possibility of a 'connection' (pun intended).

    3. I who love music

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      mid seventies
      I used to tap around my ear and 'snap' my fingers against the back of my head. It seemed to take the T away for a few seconds at a time but worked less and less as time went on.
      For me, the problem is listening to and for the T, so this technique was bound to fail. I've since discovered a technique that has virtually erased T from my life. I simply don't listen to the T, when I do hear it, I don't measure it. I measure my reaction to it. Sounds simple enough, and almost stupid. But after 40 years of T, this is the best thing I've done. I learned it here on the forum.
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    4. Larry OT
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      Volume, meds and motorcycles
      How do you not listen to 75db of 10k?
      Is your T lower frequency or not that loud? With all respect, if it's so low I get it, easy to not listen to, like mine was before it exploded.
      But at this very loud volume it's another story, as best I hear it.

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