Masking High-Pitched and Low-Pitched Tinnitus: Quite Successful

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by wishingluck, Nov 5, 2015.

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      not sure, but probably acoustic trauma
      my T started some months ago as a rumbling noise. Low pitched, like car with idle engine parked nearby outside. Got habituated to that quite well during morning, and during night I would keep a fan blowing on my face. Worked quite well overall.

      Then the rumble changed to a high pitched hiss. -MUCH- more difficult to get 'habituated' to. Habituation is a only a solid theory, anyways.

      I started to wear mp3 player 24/7, with recording of falling rain (no thunder). Started getting spikes of high pitched T during night, often I would wake up and being unable to sleep, plus feeling really dreary and alone. Usually the spike goes back to whatever the hell comes from, within about 30 minutes. Sometimes it takes almost one hour.
      The rain sounds weren't too effective here. I tried to modulate the sound up one octave with an audio program. Much better, but still not very effective masking.

      Had another of these ugly spikes last night, got up. I went to the ATA and BTA websites, and read more about masking. I downloaded Purple Noise file from BTA, and with audio program, I mixed the purple noise with the falling rain sounds. Worked REALLY well, I was able to fall asleep even with the spike, which is quite a 'success' story in my book!

      Also, last night, even before I learned about purple noise, I was feeling quite calm. Much, much less freaked out. I kept telling myself: 'It's just some noise. It goes up and down. It will probably go away like many other times before'. It did.

      It's ironic that what I think might have ruined me (the mp3 player) is also saving my mind. Without it, it would be game over.

      A few weeks ago I was reading about a doctor who lived in the 1800's, who had T.
      The poor wrecked soul could only focus if he were sitting by a fountain.

      I have the fountain 'trapped' in a little box in my pocket, plus other things that the above mentioned doctor and many other like him, would have probably paid a very high price for.

      I can try different sounds, I can mix files, I can add purple/white/pink etc noise. I am quite lucky in that respect. These things got me thinking.

      Then again, if I had lived in the 1800's, I probably would not have had T, as there were no mp3 players then. Lol

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