Massive Tinnitus Increase After a Cold — How Long Can the Spike Last?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Jon R., Apr 14, 2020.

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      So I managed to avoid a cold for the last 5 years, but someone in the same house as me forgot to tell me they have a cold and so I didn't protect myself early enough, as I hate getting colds due to all the grief I get with my ears. I remember 5 years ago when I had a cold I had a tinnitus spike and it went away, but I always forget soon after how bad it was or how long it lasted. I am also always paranoid that it will stay or that my hearing is permanently damaged by the virus.

      So on 2nd April I got first signs of a cold, I sneezed none stop, usual stuff. Then 3 days in to it my tinnitus went ballistic and not only did I get the usual static noise which sounds like my head is electrified, but also the very very very annoying low hum that sounds like a truck engine is on idle in the next room. Normally I can cope with my tinnitus as it is only audible in quiet rooms, so I always have a fan on. But when I get a cold the noises get so loud very little masks it, especially the hum.

      It has been 12 days now, should my spike have gone down yet? Or is that still a normal amount of time? I have blown my nose a lot every day, but the last few days my nose feels almost clear, but the tinnitus has not improved at all. I also have an odd sort of muffled sound in my ear, when I run taps or flush the toilet I notice my hearing is not as crisp and good as it should be, almost like I have cotton wool in my ear. Again I am worried my hearing has been damaged.

      Also is listening to pure tone frequencies okay? I use it to try and cancel out my tinnitus, but someone said to me it isn't safe, as it is like laser pointing at your ear? Is this correct?

      Thanks all.
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      Probably noise, stress and a neck injury.
      I've read reports of people having tinnitus for months after an infection (or cold) cleared up. As you mentioned your hearing is muffled, maybe there's just some fluid trapped or passages are a bit blocked. If you're worried, try ringing your family doctor for advice. I think you'll be fine though.
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      I caught a cold halfway this January which sort of destroyed all my progress with T during the four months before: sounds were going ballistic again. The cold cleared up in a few days, but the increased sounds remained for four to five weeks.

      The good news is: after that, my T went back to the point where it was before the cold (and slowly reduced further, like the whole cold never happened). It's hard, I know, but give it time and try to at least catch sóme sleep.

      Btw, I'd advise against trying to cancel out your T. Since you've had it for quite a long time already, it's probably better to just acknowledge and eventually "forget" that it's there. Some minor masking at times is fine, but don't risk hearing damage by going further than that.

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