Message to All Who Habituated and Moving on With the Life

Discussion in 'Support' started by BrStan@, Jul 22, 2015.

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      I choose to put this message in the success stories not by accident but as warning to everyone who has habituated or getting there.I wish this message to be seen from more people who is going to post a success stories. Now let me tell you I wish everyone to get there but there is one very big "BUT". What I mean is let say you have been through a hard time with T weeks, months or may be more. Slowly, slowly you achieved this very sweet desirable from all of us T suffers think called habituation. For some it may feel like T is not as louder for other not as bothersome in both cases you don't give a monkey about it anymore.Your T have accepted different form and become latent kept in check and suppressed by your brain.It became a tiger from the paper. And you go with your life. The human brain as you all ready know is very adaptive. And also have some other unique properties and it is to forget about the pain you have experienced in the past(don't believe me Google it). There is different cause for every one's T but in most of the cases is hearing loss(noise, aging, infection). It means you have trauma in your ear already and if does not hurt It doesn't mean it is not there. It will be there for the rest of you life as we already know that hair cell death can not be reversed. So do and T if you don't notice it it doesn't mean is not there it is just in latent form(habituated).
      Dear friends I am alarming you be very careful how you are going to approach and live your live from now on.Avoid loud noise as much as possible it is noise induced T biggest enemy. Most of you will say " I will go to that birthday party I will be fine" or "I will go to the theatre I will be fine", " nothing is going to happen for one time noise exposure", "even if something happen I will habituate again".Don't do these mistakes you have your T it is just sleeping it is just calm that's you can't notice it.
      Your brain dear friends will quickly forget about the pain you have been through and will give you that false confidence to go and do. And don't think that if you visit one loud event and your T doesn't spike you are fine. You may not feel it immediately but with the time you will do.
      Avoid loud places if it is very loud earplugs will not help you.
      Try to eat more magnesium reach food and food reach on antioxidants to preserve more and more so valuable hair cells. And don't forget that you have a life long condition. The tiger from the paper may quickly jumps and become once again alive. And you can came back here and start your odyssey again. And once you have spike it could be permanent increase it could be 100 time worse then what you have experienced before. Don't say it can't get worse than that because it can.For T there is not limit how worse can get keep this in mind.
      Check any prescribed medication is it bad for you ears. If Yes ask your doctor for alternative.
      Always carry with you a pair of earplugs if you notice is getting noisy use them.
      Always cover your ears when sirens passes(police, ambulance, fire truck).

      And once again don't forget you have a life long condition. Your T is always with you it's just latent.
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      Really don't know
      Are you really trying to help here or spread fear? I don't think a newbie will like to read this, at least not I this fear all noise approach.... We all do have to protect our ears but this is not the best approach for a frightened new sufferer ... It's just my opinion ... Although your comments are valuable it made me start feeling anxious a little again...
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      There are obviously recognized standards for noise exposure; the CDC/OSHA standard is no more than 8 hours of exposure for 85dba, etc.:

      If the concern is that additional noise exposure will damage your hearing by disabling additional "hair cells", are the ears of tinnitus sufferers somehow more sensitive to noise exposure than people who don't have tinnitus? Are there any scientific studies on this issue? (I know some people have tinnitus that reacts to sound, so I'm not talking about those folks.)

      I'm 62, and the most logical explanations for my hearing loss are (1) the many years I played (the clarinet) in bands and orchestras without protection and (2) listening to music through headphones with the volume turned up too high. I don't do either of those things anymore. I don't go to clubs, and I do use ear plugs when I'm around really loud sounds (like at a recent trip to Disneyland). I do still go to the movies frequently, but I wear musician's ear plugs that cut back the volume of what I'm hearing. I don't wear ear plugs when I'm walking on the street, but I do cover my ears when a firetruck or ambulance goes past. So I take what are to me reasonable precautions, but I'm not going to alter the way I live to avoid noise exposure.
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