Microsuction at Specsavers Worsened My Tinnitus — Considering Hearing Aids

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      Hello, I have just joined the group and thought I would introduce myself and tell you my story.

      I have had tinnitus since 1986 and both ears usually need syringed yearly at my GP surgery, as I suffer with excess wax and narrow ear canals. This service was stopped this year and so had to have my left ear syringed by a local private hospital. Unfortunately, it was only partially successful, and I was told that microsuction was the best way to remove the remainder.

      I had this done at Specsavers. Although I was warned that it could make the tinnitus worse, I still went ahead which I deeply regret. It has made both ears much worse. The tinnitus is the left ear is now noticeable all the time in quiet rooms and the right ear around half the volume of the left ear. It can spike some days for no reason, like yesterday when it was quite loud in the left ear all day.

      I take Valerian tea or a pill before bed which does help with dosing off but occasionally wake up at 3 am with very loud tinnitus in the left ear.

      I did have a hearing test in July (at Specsavers) which showed a high drop off in the left ear at high frequencies and a slight loss in the right ear, so, I am considering a further test next year at a Tinnitus Centre which I think I found via the BTA website ([URL='https://www.thehearingcarecentre.co.uk/tinnitus-management/[/URL])

      Just two questions for now:
      a) Has anyone found that a hearing aid helps lower the level of tinnitus by increasing the sound in the ear (or can it make the tinnitus worse)?

      b) Any thoughts on sleep management would be useful.

      Long post - hope that is okay. Thanks for reading this, stay well all.
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      HI @Shalom2010

      Sorry to hear that your tinnitus has increased after having microsuction. I am unable to advise on hearing aids but suggest, using a sound machine by your bedside at night for sound enrichment, as this can help with sleep management. Please click on the link below for information about sound machines.

      Before having the microsuction were you advised to apply eardrops 3x a day to the ear for 7 to 10 days before having the wax removed? This is recommended to thoroughly soften the wax to make its removal easier. Whether irrigation, microsuction or manual removal with a curette is used, otherwise problems can sometimes result such as increasing tinnitus or causing it when it wasn't previously present.

      There are times the only way to remove hardened wax is by microsuction and recommend this is done only at a hospital ENT clinic, and to apply ear oil to the ears in the manner described above. I don't recommend going to somewhere like Specsavers. See if your GP can refer you to an NHS clinic to have your hearing checked and not go private.

      Best of luck

      Sound Machines and Tinnitus | Tinnitus Talk Support Forum
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      Accidental Loud Sound
      Thanks for the reply. Yes I did apply olive oil for at a week & never had an issue before this year.

      The GP surgery told me to get my ear syringed at a private hospital.

      Thanks for the tips.

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