Mid 30's / Post Vertigo Attack Cured with Epley Maneuver — 3 Days Later I Get Tinnitus

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    1. Darian

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      a week but had it before randomly
      Cause of Tinnitus:
      not sure
      Hello - first a little history

      In my late 20's I once went to a concert so loud that I had tinnitus for like 1-2 months.
      Somehow it went away on its own - fast forward like 8 years later I got a Vertigo attack out of nowhere and I was told by the Dr. it was BPPV and that it can be cured with Epley maneuver and it did.

      I've gotten the BPPV vertigo attack 3 times since last 3 years - but the last time I got it ( about a 2 weeks ago, 3 days later I now got tinnitus for about a week already - it's mild like level 1 on my right ear - and a level 2 on my left ear - but my left ear tinnitus fluctuates from a 2 to 5 (especially one night when I had a nightmare)

      Few concerns I will ask my Dr.

      #1. Will it go away like the last time ?

      #2. Does it have anything to do with my BPPV and is it BPPV or Meniere's disease?

      #3. Is the terbinafine 250 ml I'm taking responsible for my tinnitus?

      #4. My mom suffers from BPPV, does it run in the family, but my mom does not currently have tinnitus, she's only had it randomly thought her life for a while.

      I'm currently on a medications called terbinafine 250 ml, since 2 months ago, but I heard a very low % of people experience tinnitus - but I'm discarding this as my possibility for tinnitus since I have had tinnitus for like 2 weeks straight one time even before took the terbinafine.

      If anyone knows any info on my case please help.
    2. glynis

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      Meniere's Disease
      It's always wise to get checked out with vertigo and tinnitus to rule out inner ear problems as symptoms can take a while to develop.

      love glynis
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