Minneapolis Clubs Now Provide Free Earplugs

Discussion in 'Support' started by jazz, Jun 22, 2014.

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      Interesting article about an ordinance passed in April requiring clubs and bars to provide free earplugs. The earplugs will be paid for by several businesses. Perhaps, this could be the start of something significant!:)

      Here is an excerpt of the article:

      Minneapolis has just made ear protection a basic right of its concert-going residents. Beginning Saturday, April 19, all bars and clubs that host live music are required to provide free earplugs rated to block 12 decibels. The ordinance was just passed by the Minneapolis City Council.

      Plugs for this program will be offered free by a coalition of businesses -- Locally Grown, Globally Known, Miracle Ear, and 3M -- and are manufactured by 3M. Clubs are not required to use the 3M plugs, but must furnish some sort of free earplugs, according to the city.


      "Overall it's a good idea," says Joe Hinz, a student in the Audiology program at the U of M and a sound engineer who has worked at 7th St. Entry. "I've done sound in the Entry for a couple years. I'd measure the sound levels in the Entry, and they'd typically exceed 100 decibels. When you exceed 85, you're at risk for damaging your hearing. When people enter a venue like that, they should be cautious about protecting their hearing. Noise-induced hearing loss doesn't show up right away. You may have normal thresholds for many years before it shows up."


      Here's the language for the ordinance:

      364.115. Hearing protection devices. All Class A and Class B on-sale liquor, wine and beer licensees shall have and make available, free of charge, hearing protection devices to all patrons and employees. Such single-use earplugs must have a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of at least twelve (12) decibels. The requirement imposed by this section shall not apply unless the license official has identified a source or supplier of such hearing protection devices that is capable of providing sufficient devices free of charge to all such establishments. The license official may develop reasonable rules regarding required signage or notification to patrons regarding the devices and their availability.
      Reference: http://blogs.citypages.com/gimmenoise/2014/04/free_earplugs_minneapolis_clubs.php
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      I hope more places will follow. This is a positive step. Thank you for letting us know.
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