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      this may have been posted here many times...but in case it hasnt....this may help some people

      im sure this wont help anyone that has 'T' due to an actual auditory problem.....but if you have it from some sort of sinus thing like a cold/infection.....then try some maximum strength mucinex and lots of seems to be bringing the severity of mine down a lot....good luck to you all with miserable affliction
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      Googled and found this,


      Jeffrey PedersenHere's the rub though-- Mucinex D hasn't actually lowered my "base" level of tinnitus. My personal affliction is binaural at a low-medium level. But, my left ear has been constantly louder by a large factor. The Mucinex has apparently brought the left ear to almost the same level as the right ear.

      This makes sense to me because the left side of my head has always felt a little different than the right. I always develop eye strain and headaches on the left side first, and often have a sense of pressure or congestion on the left. This suggests that there might be some chronic sinus pressure or congestion on the left side that is being relieved by the Mucinex D.

      If this is in fact the case and is working for me, there may be others out there with a similar situation. So perhaps try it and see if it gives you any benefit at all. This is something I've been trying for about 24 hours, and I don't know if the relief will continue, but it is noticeable and welcome for now.
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      If you get fluid in your ears that can cause conductive hearing loss and increase the tinnitus in your ear. The Mucinex can thin the mucus to drain the fluid and improve the ears itself. I have not heard about Mucinex reducing T in other ways though..
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      My chest is congested and my right ear feels congested as well. I'm hesitant on trying the Mucinex because I'm afraid it might Spike up my tinnitus.has anybody experienced a spike in their tinnitus from Mucinex?my ear feels clogged and my hearing is very muffledI feel that if I take the Mucinex it might unclog my ear and I can hear better.if someone out there has tried musinex with success please let me know.
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      I am using mucinex extended release right now....decreases sleep
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      So does mucinex spike tinnitus?

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