Multiple Sounds but Only One Is Intrusive

Discussion in 'Support' started by Matsik, Nov 7, 2016.

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      Hi I have had tinnitus for sooo many years. I have always coped well. Actually I can hear many different sounds in my head. My ears resonate at different frequencies and I can hear two or three different sounds in both ears. Well they don't bother me at all, they are there and they are not going to hurt me. But recently I noticed this super high-pitched buzzing (maybe 15.000-16.000 hz) which covers every other sound. I can hear it over everything. It's a metallic crackling sound and is not constant, it has this annoying up and down.

      I really can't tell if it was always there because in recent years I almost forgot about my tinnitus since I was habituated. I simply considered it background noise and didn't pay attention to it.

      So I don't know if it's a new sound or if it was always there and I didn't notice it! It's like having a mosquito in my head.

      Does anybody else hear this kind of sound? I can easily ignore the other sounds but this one is really annoying.
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      Very Unknown At This Point.... most likely loud sound?
      I think I may have this, except it goes away every once in a while

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