Music Based Therapies for Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Lisa88, Feb 28, 2014.

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      Anyone tried any music based therapies for t?
      Fore example, Neuromonics, Perth Sound Therapy. I have heard that classical music, if listened to a certain number of hours per day, may calm the overstimulation in our brain and accelerate healing of some of the ear's mechanisms.
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      Music covers most if not all frequencies so I'm not surprised that it has a calming affect. Classical music didn't help me in fact I found it made my tinnitus worse. Bagpipes, violins, flute and other instruments were really grating. When I tried nature sounds I also found windchimes annoying. Anything with a high pitch I avoided. But we are all different so it's a matter of horses for courses(or whatever!). I did like certain music and used it when I needed it.
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      Something like Neuromonics (NTT) is more involved than just listening to music a certain number of hours, although I know you know that, @Lisa88.

      But having said that: a well-known Florida inner ear surgeon, who I had a consultation with early in my tinnitus history, recommended specifically listening to classical music without lyrics for calming tinnitus. He had T and wore maskers in both ears. He said such music had enough tonal variety to engage the brain, and help build new neural pathways, without causing additional stress. Have no idea if that's true, just repeating his advice.

      When I am doing music versus nature sounds or pink noise, I use light classical, not a full orchestra. I also do fine with classical piano or guitar. Like @Magpie, some sounds really annoy my ears (Flute!! Arrgg!). I say just experiment until you find what works. Your ears will let you know when they are happy. :joyful:

      Somewhere here at TT, there is a thread where people posted about what music worked for them. I remember one person saying he liked Enya.
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      Thanks, @LadyDi. Music or changing pitches is the only thing that masks my very annoying low t sounds. White noise just makes my t louder. So annoying walking through the environment and everything sounding the same pitch (i.e. my t pitch). As a musician, it is particularly frustrating. Miss the variations of sounds. That's why I think even Neuromonics without the white noise signal might be beneficial for me, as I just have to stop monitoring it all the time.
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      Shit happens
      Today I was rehearsing with my band with irish bagpipe, violins, flutes and ummm.. other stuff. I play irish bouzouki and guitar. It almost masked my T :)
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      mid seventies
      I play a bouzouki too. Made a couple. Been playing fiddle since '77. My old fiddler buddy way back when said, "If you're gonna play a fiddle, your neck will be sore, you'll get a knot on your jaw and your ears will ring."
      So I said, "Teach me !!!!!!!"
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