Music Genre Recommendations for High Pitched Hyperacusis-Based Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Support' started by messedupmyears, Feb 19, 2021.

    1. messedupmyears

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      December 2020
      Cause of Tinnitus:
      Loud music
      Hey so I know that I shouldn’t be listening to music at all, but every once in a while I need to listen to low volume music to decompress. It always reinvigorates my tinnitus that is directly in tandem to hyperacusis and noise exposure. Very high pitch, can’t even describe something similar to the frequency.

      The genres I usually listen to are probably bad for tinnitus from a composition perspective, so I’m wondering if anyone has any knowledge on if certain genres are better for high pitched hyperacusis based noise induced tinnitus and why those specific genres may be better.

      Some genres could be better based on their tones, frequencies, decibels, dynamics, types of instruments, beats per minute, bass or treble, etc.

      Sound engineering and specifics isn’t something that I’m educated on, so I’m hoping that some people have suggestions on genres that could be healthy or healthier for my tinnitus.

      Thanks in advance, I hope everybody’s situation improves.
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    2. star-affinity

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      1993, increase in 2020, then new in 2021
      Cause of Tinnitus:
      Unsure about the first. Too many beers? Music during sleep.
      My impression since acquiring a new high pitched tinnitus in my left ear, two and a half weeks ago – low volume listening to music during night, but my ear was most likely too fatigued – is that music that is near the frequencies of the tinnitus/trauma seems to get the ear fatigued and ”full” more easily. I've been very careful listening to low volumes several days after resting the ear, still it seems very sensitive since my trauma is so new.

      If you feel that the ears start to hiss or whoosh in a lower frequency than your high pitched tinnitus, I think it's a warning that the ear is fatigued and you should take a brake from music.

      If you want to listen to music, I'd keep the volume down a lot and try frequencies that aren't near your tinnitus. But this is just my feeling based on my own tinnitus.
    3. Julien87
      Not amused

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      Noise exposure (concert)
      What do you mean? Unless you have a special case of hear loss or other condition, I really don't think it's recommended to avoid music (or maybe you noticed that music generally spikes your tinnitus?).
      On the contrary, in most cases it's good to keep stimulating the ears with external noise.
      And music can boost the mood, so I wouldn't hesitate ;) Listen what you like, but just play it at normal volume, not loud.

      If you want suggestions on relaxing music, I would suggest hang drums music. I find it really soothing.
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    4. PeteJ

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      acoustic trauma?
      I used to love listening to music but now it becomes depressing after a short period of doing so. It makes the tinnitus even more apparent somehow.

      I never thought about preferring certain frequencies over another but my tastes/preferences/genres have changed in large part to the tinnitus situation.

      I don't listen to music as much as before and when I do it's at lower volumes for shorter periods of time. No more metal, hard rock or rock instrumental. Now, it's classic rock, pop, folk and "oldies" - I dunno how to know which frequency is better. I don't listen for long anyway and it all probably affects my tinnitus. :-(
    5. Jebbis

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      September 2020
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      Unknown, I suspect stress/smoking/tmj/neck issues
      I have found myself that smooth jazz horns seem to not irritate my ears as much as other music.

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