My Experience with Laser Dental Drill for Cavities

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      After a permanent worsening of my tinnitus after having a small cavity drilled in December, I looked for a laser dentist.

      I have interproximal cavities (or class II caries) - cavities between the teeth.

      The Fotona Lightwalker laser is able to drill cavities between teeth, deeper cavities as well as replacement of old fillings. It cannot go through amalgam/silver fillings due to reflections it will cause.

      It can be of use for root canals too.

      I came well prepared with earplugs and earmuffs. Not the heaviest (which I should have done). I suffer from TMJ and having heavy earmuffs pressing on your TMJ while having your mouth open for 30 minutes is asking for TMJ related tinnitus, so i decided to bring -23 dB earplugs with a 3M Peltor Optime I earmuff.

      For lasering you need to wear special goggles with thick frame - this causes the earmuffs not to seal fully. I noticed this halfway. Everything sounded louder then I expected. My advice is to wear good earplugs underneath just in case.

      The compressor of the laser sounds like a loud air-conditioning unit - I suspect about 60 dB.

      The laser itself together with the suction is loud. I suffer from some loudness hyperacusis. I find it louder then your regular handpiece drill. Suction is a must with laser because it uses water for better guidance/result of the laser.

      The laser itself has several modes which can lower/increase the volume. To go through dentine the volume is quite loud. Popping sounds and the suction tube. I'd suggest 75-80 dB together. I did not notice occlusion from the water hitting the teeth as there is no brute force water spray.

      After the filling was done the filling has to be smoothed/polished/drilled. It sounded like an ultra sonic cleaner to me and had to cut it off instantly. The dentist tried to smoothen it with the handpiece drill afterwards which sounded better.

      The pros are that you can protect yourself with earplugs at least for the laser drilling part. Bring the Peltor X5a and a pair of earplugs. If you notice your earmuffs don't seal, stop the treatment and use your earplugs.

      I'd say the laser and suction is no difference from the handpiece electric drill and suction in sense of loudness. If your dentist can use the electric drill without suction, that would be my suggestion.
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