My First Year of Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by terry123, Dec 3, 2013.

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      I hope that what I share will be of some help and hope for the new T sufferer. It is now 1 year since T appeard in my life. I did not think I could live with he panic and anxiety and NO SLEEP. I contemplated suicide daily., then I found This website. I found others saying it gets better, and they were actually planning to continue life with T.
      I got advice on supplements from Karen and hope and talk of exercise with other men. Today I am no longer having the anxiety and panic attacks daily. I take supplements, Sleep 5-6 hours average per night, swim a mile a day . I really feel that in spite of the ringing in my ears and head that I will be able to have a life to live with T, that might not be as bad as I had thought One year ago today.

      I am not using benzos or drugs, just vitamins, magnesium carbonate , melatonin, bonnie. I try to think How blessed I am to have T, rather than some other painful or terminal disease.

      I am grateful for all the support I have found on this site. I hope to share that with time and positive thoughts, for some it GETS BETTER WITH TIME.

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      congratulations and commiserations on your 1st year anniversary.
      That brush of reality about tinnitus after realizing it's a possibility of being there for a very long time...well, as Bette Davis said..."it's not for sissies."

      Keep up the good work and good mindset. I've made it through 12 going on 13 years so far. If I had only one recommendation for an anniversary would be a ceiling projecting clock with the time centered over your head. There are many times that I wake up for what I assume to be T-noises...but awake nonetheless; however, with the time right over my head, if it's much too early or much too late...the correct time is right there WITHOUT having to move your head, sit up or anything that may get you partially awake and sometimes dwelling on the T-noise.

      dumb? I think so, too. But...I've had those early morning awakenings that the last thing I wanted to do was stir around, move my head or do anything that might keep me awake...which sometimes leads to the "dwell mode." For me, once I'm matter the time or the length of time that I've been asleep...I'm up and trying to work on anything that might put me to sleep again.

      It's good to have one when you travel as well. Again...congratz on the first year.

      Dan Turner
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      Thanks for this. Very helpful.
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      This is great news! It sounds like you have come a long way in that first year, and I remember when you became a member here on Tinnitus Talk. I'm glad I was able to help you with supplements, and to provide a little moral support when needed. Maybe some day, you'll write a "Success Story" and post it here ! (There is now a category for Success Stories). Your comments will be a true inspiration to all new tinnitus sufferers. Thanks again for posting, and I'm so happy you're doing better!!
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      This again illustrates the need to get at least 5-6 hours of sleep every night and you should discuss with your doctor the best way of achieving this. It can be over-the-counter supplements and medications, or prescribed sleeping pills or some combination that works for you. Also, appreciate that you sill need to be on these for some time, possibly for years - but the benefits of restful sleep clearly outweigh the risks. Terry123 also shows that keeping going is the best way forward and that tinnitus becomes easier to manage over time.
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