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Discussion in 'Support' started by Tenna, Nov 8, 2013.

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      So I wanted to give you all something, a kind of hope which to me personally, of all I've read/seen has made the biggest impression.
      First of all, if anyone has had good experiences with alternative medicine, go for it.
      I myself is a believer of science, nothing else, a logical pessimist by nature, which has has proven both good and bad.

      Some time ago before my t started, I came across a tv-program on the Danish broadcast network (funded by the state's public service, less biased hokus pokus in my opinion).
      It was a program called "Soul and Science - The Power of thinking".
      Initially it starts with a sequence, of where a young adult suffering from depression, through an experiment had been taking antidepressant medicine. Long story short, he parted with his girlfriend and chosed to overdose his medicine by around 29 pills.
      He got hospitalized showing signs of a dangerously high pulse and symptoms of an overdose.
      The doctors tried neutralizing the drugs, but 4 hours after being given the antidrugs, he did show no sign of improvement. His own doctor, the one in charge of the medicine experiment was called in to clarify the situation of the medicine experiment.
      Apparently he had taken an 'overdose' of around 29 calcium tablets, which ultimately can lead too.. a Great constipation.
      Basically, the experiment was one of placebo. His doctor informed him of his part of the controlgroup of the placebo medicine of antidepressant. This resulred in his pulse getting back to normal, and his symptoms disappeared (legend has it not, whether constipation occured :rolleyes:)

      I personally hate when people start throwing around random professor names.. So now I'm gonna do it any way :giggle:
      The program introduce Irving Kirsch, Professor of Psychology at University of Hull, England. A researcher of the placebo effect specifically on antidepressant medicine.
      His team made an experiment of placebo. Conducting an analysis showing that 75% of those showing signs of improvement, had received placebo pills.
      (watch from 19:40, English fragments here and there since it's a Danish program

      The programs shows some of these examples of 'miracles', specifically on a woman with parkinson. One of those typical stories on the net, you'd expect wanted to milk you with some product.
      Anyhow, they inform about another study on placebo, where on group of parkinson-people were injected with stemcells, and another who did not get stemcells just a fake injections.
      This woman's Expectations of the change, of something being done about it, was what made her go from being unable to control her motor skills and movements, to being able to control herself to a much better extent. When she was told about the placebo, her symptoms got back.

      I know from myself how negative thoughts have affected me through my entire life. If I hear about a symptom/illness, my body starts showing signs of what ever it is (same case of how my t developed) even while some outbreak is on the other side of earth.
      Point being, if a negative cause can effect me so much for the worse just by thinking about it, it should logically be possible to create/acknowledge the positive things in my life, and force in their effect.
      Remember none you would be here reading this line if some of those good things werent present! :)

      At last in the video, some quotes are being made, specifically the latter leaving one of the greatest impressions on me.
      "One of the main aspects is to induce and trigger hope in the patient"

      "We are dynamic and our lives change with our belief system, and if we know that and own that, we are masters of our lives, not victims of our chemistry"

      Have a fantastic day/night, all around the world to you guys!
      all best
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      The mind is a powerful thing.
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      That it is, and it's yours :)
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      Hi Tenna,

      The mind is a powerful tool. Indeed. I, too, believe that in order to succeed in any tinnitus treatment you must believe in it.

      This (Iben & Mødregruppen 15-02-2013 (2) / Ibens – Radio24syv) is also on tinnitus (Danish). A woman, who's husband had tinnitus, explains how he imagined a large volume button turning his tinnitus down, day after day. After two years it dissapeared. This is probably what people here call 'full habituation', but who cares?

      Welcome to the forum :)
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      The problem with placebo studies is that they are typically short-term. What differentiates a 'real' response to a treatment as opposed to a placebo response is the much higher rate of relapse in the placebo group.

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