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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by kevin b, Oct 10, 2016.

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      I promised myself I would come back to the forum and thankfully here I am.

      it has been a long road to get here, but I imagine most would say that.

      I have had T for around 3 years, it started as ringing in one ear, changed to pulsating T in the other and then eventually became a hissing T in my head and pulsating T remained in my right ear. I was like most and never thought I would reach the point where it would no longer rule my life.

      I still hear it every day, though I only really hear it at night when I relax to watch TV. The gym, which is very important to me used to be a nightmare, now I pay no mind. I have gone to concerts, clubs, stadiums, you name it. I do try to be careful and loud noises just to be safe. I wish there was an easy or across the board plan to help, but there is not. I tried most of the things-supplements, acupuncture, relaxation, therapy, sound therapy, ect looking for the Holy Grail- sadly it does not exist. I believe one of the key steps is acceptance.

      Does it suck to have T, yes it does, but I have battled crippling depression for half of my life and that sucks as well. Many, many people struggle with health and mental issues, more than you think. Trying to get back to doing the things you enjoy with the people you love will start you in the right direction.

      Don't pray for it to go- like I did, pray for acceptance and guidance and it will come. I owe thanks to many people on this site who helped and encouraged me when I first came here- some of the most kindest people I have ever met in my life! Use the resources you have available to you- you are stronger than you think. I have been blessed with a beautiful wife and three great kids, my overall health and I am reasonably financial stable, things I am so grateful for.

      I do not come here anymore just because for me I felt it best to move on and try not to focus on the T, but like I said you will not find a more supportive community of people anywhere.

      For those of you that helped or prayed for me- THANK YOU!.

      For those struggling, hang on! you can do it ! find the ways that work for you- your blueprint is waiting to be developed.

      If I can be of help any way please reach out. God Bless Kevin
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      Ear infection?
      Congratulations on your success!! Acceptance is key! God bless and have an amazing life :rockingbanana:
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      Hi, I also have had T in my head and my ears for a year. There are two tones in my head: hissing and roaring. I also seem to have habituated to it, but there are times when I feel really bad about my T. Do you have any hearing loss? My hearing seems to be OK without much loss.

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