My Journey with Tinnitus So Far...

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      Headphones maybe?not sure really.
      So t has been a journey for me a two month journey so far, I have meet amazing people in here and outside with t, to you Karen thank you, you have been an amazing person and human being.

      So why I believe I have a positive story to share with all of you?

      First and most important I have had days in which my t has been really low almost unnoticeable, I have have a couple of days that I've woken up without t, in complete silence, there has been hours in which t has been gone

      Also on the other hand while my jaw gets adjusted which I believe to be the cause of my t, my t has moved from my left eat to middle left side of my head, I also now have a click sound when I open my jaw on my right side but the specialist says is normal while it adjusts, sometimes I think I even hear it on my right, but then again volume is mostly low and very bearable, I sleep without maskers, I do leave my tv or iPad on playing a movie but usually at low volume, also most of the time I no longer have my t sound on my left ear but like I said in the middle-left side of my head which has made it way more bearable.

      Playing video games on ps4 and Xbox helps a lot since it distracts the mind and captures your attention I would recommend to find something that does that for you.

      THIS IS MOST IMPORTANT : I quit my job and was unemployed for three weeks, during those three weeks I was able to really take care of myself and watch what I ate and was very relaxed, during those days of the third week, meaning last week of unemployment before I went back to work, is when I experienced days I which my t was gone for hours, and also the days I woke up without t in complete silence. I started working last Thursday and since then only a couple of times I've been in complete silence again for a couple of hours.

      I also found that depending on which side of my body I sleep helps with my t, it is strange.

      Going back to work has changed my diet and has brought some low level of stress in my life again, normal stuff, waking up early, etc, which I think has prevented me to be in total silence again as often as I did In my third week of unemployment. Also the change In diet since I'm now eating at the offices cafeteria.

      This weekend I'm gonna buy the healthy foods I was eating last week prior to start working again that should help overall my t has stayed low with only a couple of times of ugly spikes or extra sounds but they are gone usually quick.

      I have also found that diet is extremely important when it comes to t, what you eat has great impact on t, so you have to find out the things that upset or spike your t

      I'm still taking clonazepam but I'm getting very close to being completely off from it.

      So to all of you that have t, it can be cured, it can go away or you can adapt and make its volume lower, you just really gotta commit to it, our life's are full of toxic things and events, we gotta try to get rid of those, never give up hope, reach out to someone if you need help, find out the things that work for you since we are all different, different things work for some of us but not for others, you gotta find what makes your t kick and change those things it will surely help you in some way.
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      First time: Noise 2nd Time: Ototoxic drug
      Thanks for sharing your success story, Sergio!!! I'm so happy to hear you are doing so much better. Wonderful news, and inspiring to all tinnitus sufferers.

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      Who knows?
      Thank you for sharing your story! I love reading things like this.
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      Meniere's Disease
      Hi Sergio,
      A lovely positive post and may your future stay that way too.
      Take care..lots of love glynis
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      What sort of food do you recommend not eating, or eating more of?
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      Headphones maybe?not sure really.
      Well we are
      well we are all different but I would say carbohydrates, refined sugars, salt, chocolate, you gotta find what bothers your t, best way is 1 to 2 hours after you eat see if your t spikes, remember what you ate and see if it had something of what I mention, that would give you clues.
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