My Son Is Going Crazy with the Loud Screeching in His Ear and Pain

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by PaulaP, Nov 21, 2014.

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      Hi Everyone,
      My son is having very high pitched screeching in his ear and also pain in his neck. He has been to the doctor who said his ear was full of fluid. He put him on Fluctonase and cold medicine. Did not work. He went to an ENT who said he did not have any fluid in his ear. Diagnosed him with Tinitus and put him on Prednisone. Didn't work. My son has an appointment at MA eye and ear on Dec 15th but is really going crazy now. I have SCDS and have had the surgery already. I don't know if this is related or not. My son works with very loud equipment at his job.

      Does anyone have an idea on how he can block or manage this noise until his appointment?


      Thank you,
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      Hi @PaulaP, its kind of you to be so worried about your son. He very well could have tinnitus due to noise exposure if he has not been wearing ear protection. So when you say he is "going crazy," I assume you mean he is experiencing extreme anxiety. It often comes with tinnitus, as the noise triggers the automatic limbic nervous system (our primitive "fight of flight" mechanism) that kicks anxiety into high gear.

      I recommend you find a doctor (preferably a psychiatrist, not a GP) who can help him deal with the anxiety until he starts seeing ear specialists. Cognitive behavioral therapy and meditation also may help.
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      Hi, Paula, and welcome!

      I'm so sorry your son is having a rough time right now with screeching tinnitus, pain, and fullness. Has your son completed the entire course of the Prednisone prescription? If so, and it didn't work, here are some things you can do until his appointment:

      1. Background sound - Most people with tinnitus use some type of background noise to mask the noise, especially at night. You could try water sounds, white or brown noise, or even turn on a fan for background sound. Anything that will help mask the noise. Also, many of us get temporary relief when taking a shower, because the water sound seems to mask the worst of the noise.

      2. Prescription anti-anxiety medicine - You could ask the doctor for a short-term prescription for an anti-anxiety drug, such as Xanax, to help him through this rough patch. Some people say that Xanax seems to calm down the noise a bit, too. I wouldn't recommend it as a long-term solution, but for now, it might really help.

      3. Natural supplements - I got through the loud tinnitus (when mine first started) by taking natural supplements, such as magnesium, zinc, holy basil, and pharmaGABA. None of these will take away the tinnitus, but they will help calm it, and calm him down, so that it is more bearable. Also, N-Acetylcystene is supposed to be good, and helpful, especially in the early stages of tinnitus. It's worth a try.

      4. Distraction - Anything that will take his mind off the noise in his head will help. Going outside to get some fresh air and exercise can really help, and/or any activity that will distract his mind from the noise.

      Other people here will have additional suggestions, I'm sure. Does he have any sort of pain medication for the neck pains? Please be sure that any medicine he takes is not ototoxic (i.e., damaging to the ears).

      Good luck, and please keep us posted on how he is doing.

      Best wishes,
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      Hi Paula, (sorry for my english)

      I am new with tinnitus to (almost 30 days). In the first days i feel anxiety and fear, thats makes my noise worse, like a circle with no end.
      But after a week i look in the mirror and try to calm down so i start to read a little of info (and yes this forum is a lot of help). I think the world scientist is near to find a cure ( i read some post here) but that need some time, maybe not a lot :)

      Avoid this:
      coffee and cigarettes.
      Salt and sugar.
      Coke or energy drink
      Junk food

      Eat a lot of:
      Fruits and vegetables
      Green Tea

      Is very important sleep 8 hours

      Try some fractal music to relax.

      Walk 20 or 30 minutes

      I like write more but my language is limit, but others in this forums can help with betters words and better info.

      Best wishes,
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