My Story @ Warsaw, Poland — Anyone Here to Share Experience/Support?

Discussion in 'Support' started by SolveTinnitus, May 2, 2017.

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      Unclear but have high-frequency hearing loss from 23 years
      Dear All,

      It is time for me to share my story - have been around ever since T started.

      Due to an infection by virus in 1993, I lost a lot from my mid- and high-frequency hearing (2KHz and above - ski slope, down to 60-65 Db at 4 kHz, starting from no loss at 1 kHz - almost identical in both ears). Even if I continued to act as an active individual, this has caused me a lot of discomfort, stress, anxiety during the years. The biggest discomfort comes from the current hopelessness for a cure. Hearing aids do not really help considering also all the negative effects. I tried but never started using them. I have invested in latest and highest quality aids from Oticon and Phonak.

      Just 2 and a half months ago very surprisingly for me, tinnitus came. I am still not sure of the exact reason and do not feel a further decrease of my hearing (proven also by new audiograms). T started with a humming sound in left ear. Two weeks later a high-pitch sound was added and lately I also hear this sound in my right ear, even if less and not all the time. The volume changes quite often during the day Visited 7 ENTs to no avail. MRI, tympanograms, infusions of Nootropil and Cavinton in hospital for 5 days, audiograms, Doppler test for neck blood vessels - all done and nothing found apart from the hearing loss.

      I feel down and hopeless, totally the opposite to how I was feeling only months ago when my career progressed significantly. Thinking of going back to trying the hearing aids, found out that with them the tinnitus almost disappears. Concerned about stigma at work though – never worked with a colleague with hearing aids at a managerial position or, in fact, at any position. I am 37 years old man, otherwise healthy.

      Wondering if there is someone in Warsaw, Poland to share experience and support.

      Any advice is welcome. Hope for a cure but looks like minimum 10 years away minimum...

      Thank you and may your T lower, fade or quickly go away!
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      Viral Infection
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      Bad luck and bad decisions
      I'd recommend to take a look at the research section for hearing loss cures, seems you are not up to date.

      T can come out of the blue, especially with your degree of hearing loss. Acquiring tinnitus does not mean that additional damage has been done to your hearing.

      I don't see why this could be a problem, really. The in ear canal ones are not/barely noticeable at all (see first and second one)


      It might also be worth taking NAC and/or magnesium to protect your hearing.
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      11 Feb 2017
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      Unclear but have high-frequency hearing loss from 23 years
      @VR278 yes, I follow all these threads. I know about Frequency, Decobel, etc. By hopeless I mean it is very uncertain when a cure will be found and then accessible... I know research is being made but I am flowing it for over a decade with no tangible result.

      @Rubenslash In-the-canal hearing aids are not working well for my hraring loss (I have several super invisible ones) since they block the natural sound I hear well. K need RIC ones whoch ate more visible. For some reason I cannot reply to your PM - do I have to donate to have this oprion?

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