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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by mamag, May 14, 2015.

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      Hi all! I know how important it is - especially to new folks - to hear that it does get better. That's why I want to share my story.

      I developed my T in Dec 2013. I had a really bad head cold and heard this humming in my ear. I thought my head was going to explode! I took sudafed - no help. Two days later I got the ringing - oy vey they ringing! I really thought I was going to lose it - loud, piercing, non-stop. I needed to take Xanax to sleep. I developed hyperacusis. I read everything online and freaked myself out. I saw an ENT and had audiology workup, all fine. Definitely not noise induced, either. Lets' see...I also tried prednisone, acupncture, allergy meds, etc etc.

      I was besides myself - the ear ringing was all I could think about. I was a total basket case for several months. How could I possibly live like this?

      Eventually, though, the ringing quieted down - always there, but not as sharp.The hyperacusis came and went...and came and went. FINALLY I decided to get a brain MRI - it was negative. Yay!

      At that point it was about a year of having T and I said to myself - this sucks, I miss silence...but I managed to get through this for a year. It's gotten better, the anxiety has lessened...I can do this.

      Honestly, what worked for me was just really accepting the tinnitus. Once I knew it wasn't a brain tumor, I figured I had a choice. I can choose to panic and go nuts...or I can accept the tinnitus and learn how live with it. It hasn't been an easy road...but I made it through.

      With that - the noise sensitivity problems have all but vanished. My life is as joyful and it was before T. Only changes: if we are going somewhere where there will be noise, I wear earplugs. And at night I sometimes (it used to be all the time!) will turn on the humidifier or a white noise machine. I am also trying to be better about exercising - as that helps with stress. OH....and I also use a nasal rinse at least 1x daily (more when my allergies kick in). That helps me because my T started from sinus/nasal congestion.

      If you are new and dealing with this - I know how scary it is. But there IS life with T..meaningful, joyful life! You just need to deal with the anxiety - at least that is what worked for me. Now, I don't even notice my T at work, or really during the day. Just at night when it's quiet.

      I hope this helps and gives some hope to others. Just know that you are not your tinnitus. It does not have to define you.
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      I believe it was meds and stress
      Glad for you Mamag. I got through the habituation once then it got worst. Its really been difficult the second time.
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      Thanks Mamag.............Your development of T and history are very similar to mine. I have only had it for four months. I'm learning to deal with it. I'm on meds but will eventually taper off. I appreciate you sharing your story. It encouraged me very much.
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      noise induced ( factory/rock band )
      thanks for that story !
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      Thanks for posting!

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