My tinnitus started in April... I don't know the reason. Please help.

Discussion in 'Support' started by Poonam Tiwari, Jul 26, 2014.

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      My T started in April I don't know the reason..May be stress due to my mother,s death or use of bleach and disinfectants in the washroom..Please satisfy my query
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      I have heard that grief over the loss of love ones can trigger T. It is probably the stress factor which contributes to the onset of T. The wife of the janitor couple of our office told me her onset of T was soon after her mom passed away. So there is some validity to the linkage of grief and T. But she has recovered from her T and she said most of the time she couldn't hear it. It is also reported by some members that their T started after taking some meds, such as just cold medicines. So there is validity to the meds connection. Nevertheless, whatever what cause it, it is best not to fret over such things. Too much focus on T and its causes can cause us to tip-toe around T which in itself can cause stress to build up and therefore louder T ringing.
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      Sorry to hear about your loss..I second billie's opinion...whatever caused your T, it will either go away or diminish with time. And since you haven't had any significant event like ridiculous noise exposure or a head trauma, the chances are good that it will go away completely in your definitely gets better with time for most..just takes a lot of patience and acceptance for time time you probably won't even give as much value to it..I am myself just 4 months into it so there are many other experienced kind souls on here to give you better advice and reassurance...hang in best to you :)
    4. russiancarl

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      I am sorry to hear about your loss.

      Tinnitus can definitely be triggered by severe stress or it's possible you had it before and didn't notice it before this catastrophic event.

      Is your tinnitus in one or both ears? Do you recall being near any loud noises recently or have you been on any medications within the last few months? Do you suffer from allergies or have any other ear problems? Tinnitus can be caused by so many different things but the good news is that for the vast majority of people it diminishes over time despite the cause.

      Though I'd personally like to see some study done on which groups see the most improvement... noise induced vs medicine induced vs idiopathic. Could be interesting.

      At any rate, try not to fret and give it a week or two and if it still bugs you I'd suggest seeing a doctor. There are physical causes to tinnitus.

      Also, if yours is caused by noise it's best to see a doctor ASAP as steroids can help if given within a certain time frame... a few days or weeks I believe... but the sooner the better.
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