My Tinnitus Started with Electroconvulsive Shock Treatments

Discussion in 'Support' started by MichaelO, Aug 13, 2015.

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      Because of severe depression I was was subject to Electroconvulsive Shock treatments (ECT). I noticed my after waking up from one of those sessions. It has remained fairly constant for four years now, though I notice it more at some times. It can be debilitating and I have only found auditory masking techniques to be helpful... but they are not a cure.

      Has anyone else experienced tinnitus after ECT or an electrical shock? Is there research on this type of induced tinnitus?

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      Wow! I didn't think anyone did that shock treatment stuff any more! I've not had that but know at least one person who did - he's way older than me. More like my dads age and he's fairly deaf now. Dunno if he has T though. I hope that if you went thru all that it at least did something good for your depression?

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