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Discussion in 'Support' started by POGO2, Aug 28, 2016.

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      Not sure seemed to appear after sinuous infection.
      My Subjective Tinnitus started in August 2011 which appeared to be related to sinuous infection. Tying to sleep at nighttime was a terrible ordeal. The first 2-3 months was absolute horrible as I had no knowledge of why this happened and what could be done to cure the problem, After visiting a ENT in the hopes that Tinnitus was curable, his recommendation was to learn to "live with it" as there is no medically known cure.

      After looking for a ENT that treats Tinnitus, I made an appointment in the hopes that now I have a doctor that understands the problem and could possible provide a cure. My first office visit resulted in a diagnosis that my Tinnitus was related to allergies. I have never had any known allergies in the past and found this diagnosis to be somewhat questionable. I was tested for allergies by injecting 66 different food and airborne allergens over a period of 3 hours. The test results were overwhelming as the result indicated that I have allergies to multiple food groups and numerous airborne contaminants. Possible causes of Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ), Ménière's Disease and Acoustic Neuroma were all eliminated. The ENT doctor studied in England and was prescribed a witches brew of Sublingual or "under the tongue" medication that would take approximately 2 years to desensitize my body to the allergens. I was also ask to keep a log of foods consumed and submit for review after each office visit. I had to eliminate gluten, dairy, specific nuts, seafood, caffeine and certain fruits. This was going to be difficult especially since so many products contain gluten products.

      My Tinnitus intensity continued to fluctuate after following the regiment of abstinence of know food groups found in the initial testing. During the treatment period my Tinnitus when to completed gone (very seldom) to periods of extreme to the point which lead me to go the a hospital ER. The ER visit resulted in receiving Benadryl Intravenously. This did reduce the level of Tinnitus over a short period and within a day or Two the Tinnitus contained to fluctuate. I do notice a “fullness” feeling when Tinnitus levels are elevated although my eustation tubes appear to be open

      There is one specific cause of my Tinnitus to become elevated is when the barometric pressured “decreases”, which the ENT’s I have visited state has no relation to my Tinnitus.

      As I continued to visit the ENT I was tested for sinuous problems and received antibiotics on several occasions when cultures taken showed the presence of infectious bacteria. Antibiotics did not help reduce or increase the Tinnitus and lead to my questioning that my antigen treatments were the answer. I even had rhinoplasty surgery to create a deviated septum in hopes this was a possible cause. This surgery did not affect my Tinnitus. . Within 1 ½ years after starting the Sublingual medication the physician passed away and no other ENT in my area endorses this as a viable treatment.

      I also was examined by an audiologist and was prescribed hearing aids. These very expensive devices did improve my upper end hearing however, it did not change my Tinnitus so they were returned within the 30 day trial period.

      My next attempt for a cure was to seek treatment from a Homeopathic provider which was also a Chiropractor. After taking some of the suggested “Natural” compounds and $2,500 later, I decided to forgo any further treatment. The next attempt for treatment was for a “Wellness” center. The prescribed cure was to take high amounts of compounded vitamins “especially for me” again costing almost $5,000 before giving up the treatment. On my 6 month visit with my general physician (GP) abnormal levels of liver enzymes was detected and was told to stop taking all vitamins. On my next GP office visit my liver enzymes were normal. The GP noted that taking high levels of vitamins is dangerous and the doctor running the “Wellness Center” should lose his medical credentials.

      After visiting another ENT his recommendation was to try Arches Tinnitus formula and found no change after completing a 180 day supply.

      I visited Two other ENT physicians and was tested for allergies each using a different approach. All results were different and one ENT does not test for food allergies as there is no scientific method of testing for food allergies. The only approach is to keep track of your food intake and note changes in Tinnitus levels. This is very difficult as there is 6-8 hour delay in reacting to which is actually a “food sensitivity” and not an allergy.

      I am now starting to taking Nature's Way Ginkgold, 60 mg discussed in TinnitusTalk forums that contains German made Gingko Biloba which is much better than US made product.

      Currently I am not seeking any physician based medical treatment and continue to deal with my Tinnitus by taking large amounts of Excedrin, Benadryl, Antihistamines and doctor supplied sleeping pills. These have little effect on reduction of my Tinnitus other than mellow my mood after taking the drugs.

      I have found this forum to be the best source of information on the subject and look forward to finding a reply that may lead to at a minimum reduce my Tinnitus levels.
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      Thank you for sharing your journey, seems like you've investigated several options systematically. Would also like to start a diary to see what affects it, even though there doesn't seem to be an obvious pattern. Planning on giving the Ginko a try too.

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