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      I absolutely know for sure that my tinnitus is related to my neck. I am 66 years old any have had tinnitis for 40 years. I remember when it 1st started--I was laying on the floor taking a nap with the back of my head leaning against a chair pushing my head into an awkward forward position. When I woke up, my ears were screaming and never quit since. 4 years ago I had neck fusion surgury because the arthritis in my neck was pressing on my spinal cord. When I woke up from that surgery, the noise levels in my ears had doubled. Seems they are getting louder now the older I get. Has anyone had simular problems and have come up with a way to treat it? My right ear is especially loud this morning. Yesterday morning I had a cricket like chirping sound in my left ear for a few hours. I usually sleep with a Miami J neck brace on to immobilize my neck, but did not do it the night before. When I don't wear it, the chirping is worse the next day.
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      not sure
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