Need Help Figuring Out Symptoms (Feeling of Fullness in Ears, Clicking Noise When Swallowing)

Discussion in 'Support' started by Jared5771, Mar 16, 2019.

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      Hello everyone,

      I've been a long time lurker here and am just now deciding to post about what's going on. Essentially, I've been searching for months for answers (as I'm sure everyone else is doing) but my situation seems a little strange, so here's my story.

      Around August of last summer, I woke up with a fullness feeling in my ears. The way I can describe it is when you're driving up a mountain and your ears fill up. Except for me I can make the pop noise in my ears but it only relieves it for a few seconds. In August and the few months following, my ears felt really clogged, but since then they have been VERY slowly opening up, in which I also believe my tinnitus is gradually improving with that. Although, it's been a long 8 month process so far. Every time I swallow I get a loud clicking noise, which sometimes is a few clicks per swallow. Every now and then I can feel mucous draining into my throat. I completely believe there is a connection here and someday it'll resolve. Unfortunately it's having me wait a long time for it. My tinnitus and fullness was definitely a lot worse towards the beginning few months.

      Anyway, sorry for the long post but if anyone has any suggestions, I appreciate anything.

      Note I have tried treatments such as:
      Nasal sprays
      Mucous thinners
      I was also put on amoxicillin recently for a sinus infection

      Thanks again!
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      Hi jared5771.

      I don’t think I can help a lot, as your symptoms are different from mine. Here are a couple of things that come to mind:

      1. Have you checked you blood pressure? High blood pressure can cause your ears to fill full.
      2. Do you have acid reflux?

      I have been reading that castor oil in your ears works, but I just started doing it so I can’t say for sure it works.
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      Hey @Jared5771,

      I get a similar "fullness" sensation, almost as if my ears need to pop. It can also happen to one ear at a time. I can generally pop my ears without the need to swallow but this rarely clears it. Again, I also get the clicking when I swallow - a number of people in my family get this, but this has been a thing my entire life.

      Did a bit of research about some of these sensations and most results mentioned they could be caused by an imbalance of pressure in the ears. I purchased something called an Otovent device which is basically a glorified balloon with a nozzle you stick in your nostril and inflate the balloon. I was also advised that this device is good for clearing build ups and blockages with the ears.

      Might be worth a try, it didn't help me as mine is all Tinnitus related but hopefully you find more luck!
    4. rfisher983

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      Press around certain parts of your neck (scm)and swallow. Does the clicking go away?

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