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    1. Ilija

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      Jagodina, Serbia
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      Loud gig/year of loud headphone usage.
      A month ago I contracted Tinnitus from a loud gig, It was the first time it had happened and it took me to a really bad place, I was constantly stressed,angry,depressed I wasn't eating at times I was suicidal.
      3 weeks later I got better, started eating, started being happy again.
      And now I'm at the point where the Tinnitus itself is most of the time barely there, It's gone from a ring to static to air which I have now.
      It's literally a faint air sound which I am 100% cool with and I wouldn't mind if the air sound stayed with me my whole life, but I am hoping still that my Tinnitus will go away due to it decreasing a lot in 1 month and this also being the first time I have experienced it.
      My problem is certain frequency sounds are louder than they were.
      The static from my TV makes my ears ring.
      The sound from my PC cooler makes my ears ring.
      The rusty brakes from cars are louder.
      At times the sounds of crickets were louder but that stopped.
      The ringing from my PC cooler was quieter a week ago but I got stressed, started looking for it/thinking about it more and it came back.
      I don't know if it's hyperacusis or misophobia or whatever.
      I don't know if it's because of the Tinnitus or it's just my brain turning up the noise to certain frequencies because I was so scared from those sounds so now it's on alert for them.
      Tomorrow I will replace the PC cooler hoping to make that ring go away because most of the time I'm on my PC but I still can't get what it is.
      If you can please reply, the Tinnitus is a lot better on it's own WITHOUT any habituation but these sounds are irritating and I hate my brain for it,I would rather have just lost the ability to hear those frequencies and move on.
      My audiogram is normal so is the ear pressure test, I have also found a video of frequencies going from 20-20 000Hz I can go to 18 000 before I can't hear anything anymore.
      I have read that due to some hearing cells dying others might turn up the noise so that could also be the case.
      Either way it's hell.
      Also it seems that some of the frequencies don't bother me unless I listen to them for too long like the sound the PC's in my school make or the TV in the living room.
      Please help me.
    2. Dr. Hubbard

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      New York City
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      Loud Music
      Hi Ilija
      You're only a month in, so it's not possible to predict the course of your condition. Sounds like you may have some mild hyperacusis, but that is really a diagnosis for a qualified auidologist or otologist to make. It may resolve on it's own over the next few weeks, just as the tinnitus seems to have. If not, please take heart in the fact the majority of people do habituate to hyperacusis, particularly in it's mild levels. I have this mild hyperacusis, triggered by clanking dishes, loud voices, children playing, certain bass frequencies. It predated the onset of my tinnitus and, once the tinnitus burst on the scene, became pronounced. Honestly, it was harder to accept the hyperacusis than it was the tinnitus, so i understand what you're going through. But it has gone the same way as my tinnitus - to habituation. I still notice the hyperacusis on occasion, but it no longer bothers me.
      hope that helps
      Dr Hubbard
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