Need Some Advice on How to Block Out Noise!

Discussion in 'Support' started by Freya Carr, Jan 14, 2016.

    1. Freya Carr

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      Hi everyone, this is my first post on here. I just needed some advice on something.

      My new housemate is hard of hearing and watches television VERY loud from about 6 in the afternoon to late at night, it's so loud I can hear every word even when I'm outside. I have highly reactive tinnitus and have noticed a definite spike in my T whenever is it on.

      He's not going to turn it down so my question is - how am I supposed to block this noise out. At first I thought I'd just grab some earplugs or headphones but I've been told that that can make things even worse. I just don't know what to do, I really need some peace and quiet!

      The frustrating thing is I do everything I can to keep my T low - low salt no sugar diet keeping my music at a low volume have even cut out most processed foods which has taken my T from a 9 down to maybe a 5 or 6 (to anyone reading this who hasn't tried cutting down on salt/sugar I highly recommend it! I don't know where I would be if I didn't). Now I just feel like its all in vain as my T is getting worse again.

      Thank you all in advance for any help or advice.
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      A warm welcome to the forums Freya.
      Does your house mate wear hearing aids ? If so could get a loop system to stream tv sound direct through his hearing aids ?...lots of love glynis
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    3. Sailboardman

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      My advice. Find a new housemate and someone who has some consideration for your condition.

      Yes, salt & sugar are triggers for me also. I eat only fresh foods and no processed foods. Your doing the right thing.
    4. Cheza

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      Your roommate needs to show you some consideration. Suggest wireless headphones specifically intended for viewing television. Here's a link to an inexpensive set on Amazon, but there are many available.

      I would do my best in your situation to get out of it. This is not something you want to mess around with. Besides, if he can't even be considerate enough to protect your hearing, his attitude will carry over to other things as well.

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    5. Dan Seg

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      dont know yet !!
      CAnt beleive this person has ZERO consideration for your condition , this is sad !
      run down to the Breaker panel and shut-OFF the TV outlet.
      AND THEN have a talk and negociate, this is a health matter and is serious,

      Your diet is OK ! I am living diet issues also and still trying to make the precice connection with food and
      --T-- . Low salt and very low sugar is a positive way .
      In my case RED wine is a no-GO ! as it does increase my --T-- badly in the middle of the night ...


    6. AUTHOR
      Freya Carr

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      Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do at the moment to change my living arrangements. I have asked him to use headphones or try turning it down and using subtitles but he refuses. My only option is to try and find a way to block it out.

      If I use earplugs is that just going to make my T worse?
    7. Karl28

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      What if you ring up and fake a noise complaint with yourself pretending to be an anonymous neighbour?
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    8. Bobby B

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      Earplugs do not make t worse - yes it makes it more noticeable obviousely.

      If you have reactive T then obviousely not protecting you ears will make t worse not to mention hearing loss

      But it's hard to wear plugs all the time because it may strain the ear canal and irritate the skin after a while, so I use a combination of various silicon earplugs and earmuffs . Earmuffs are better for extended use and easier to put on and off and a lot look like earphones anyway so when I wear those in my office most people still believe I am listening to music

      The peltor series can be quite comfortable once you get used to it
      I just erased the letters so that it looks more like an earphone
      I have a 30db rated one and a few shooting ones too -I just switch them from time to time to relieve the pressure points in the skin
      The sound cancel earphones don't work well at canceling a tv or music noise it works best for airplane or fan type of constant background noise
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