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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Tommurphy345, Jan 21, 2016.

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    1. Tommurphy345

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      Hello guys I'm worried sick at the moment. Just about 20 mins ago I used a nasal spray for my blocked nose and ever since I used it I can hear a noise coming from neither ear but in my head.. It sounds like a bunch of crickets/insects and it's worrying my sick..

      How long will this last? I already have slight tinnitus pulsetile more recently due to the flu.
    2. Tommurphy345

      Tommurphy345 Member

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      Any help would be appreciated, it's quite loud I can hear it over background noise.
    3. billie48

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      Welcome Tom. I am no doctor so I won't comment if a nasal spray can cause tinnitus. Perhaps stop using it, or try a different brand or use natural means (such as inhaling steam). If the ringing continue and you are overly anxious, then it is best to try masking it asap so you won't get into excessive anxiety and stress which are bad for T. Try these if you want to start masking.

      TT’s own excellent masking sounds:

      If you need more masking sounds, here is free ‘aire freshener’:

      Rain sounds are soothing indeed. You can mix your own rain sounds with this rain generator:

      Search youtube with ‘masking sounds’ and you will also get lots of different nature sounds, such as rain, waves, waterfalls, running brooks, insect sounds, even shower & faucet etc.

      You may also want to read up on this excellent TT thread on what to do when T is new:

      Anyway, try to be positive that this is only a temporary condition and that T will fade or that you will get less aware of it as time goes by. Take good care. God bless.
    4. Tommurphy345

      Tommurphy345 Member

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      Thank you, I appreciate it. I already suffer with anxiety unfortunately so this is just adding more anxiety and I'm struggling to keep it together at the moment with this noise.
    5. Mojo

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      Maybe an allergic reaction?
    6. Tommurphy345

      Tommurphy345 Member

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      Last night I went to the cinema so couldn't hear it and also when I went to bed I slept with a box fan on which blocked/masked the noise, I've been to the toilet this morning and I couldn't hear it immediately, so I went back to my room before it could come back.

      I have work today so I'm hoping it won't come back or if it does not as loud
    7. Purple Parrot

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      Multiple: anxiety, childhood ear infections, loud music
      Welcome to the forum.

      The anxiety can trigger tinnitus - I know this well!

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